Transforming Survey Processing for a Marketing Consultant Health Group

The challenge was to process approximately 70,000 surveys over the year – there were multiple versions of surveys and they all required a quick turnaround. Each survey was labeled with a unique identifier ID code which kept track of which response belongs to which unit and to avoid duplicates.

The images of each survey were uploaded onto the ARDEM’s secure cloud platform. Each survey form required some development and programming to automate and improve data accuracy and data entry. ARDEM implemented a multi-phase solution to ensure a successful outsourcing relationship. The first phase was to better understand the existing workflow and to streamline it for speed, accuracy, and efficiency. Data Security was addressed at multiple levels and ensured both HIPAA and GDPR compliancy.

The company has found ARDEM to accommodate their high volume, need for data accuracy, and short turnarounds while keeping an open line of communication should any changes occur. Through this ongoing partnership, additional services such as receiving the surveys in a dedicated PO box where surveys will be scanned onsite have been discussed to outsource the entire process. The marketing consultant company has found ARDEM to not only decrease their operational costs and improve productivity, but also transform their current business model to actionable business growth insights.

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