Undelivered Mail Processing for a Global Technology Company

Undelivered or return mail costs the United States Postal Service over $1 billion to process. In addition, businesses are hurting their ROI by keeping their returned mail sitting in a dusty corner. Realizing the underlying potential, a well-known global technology company was looking to utilize the data from return mail in order to significantly decrease the number of return mail items and improve return rates.

ARDEM was tasked with transforming the Undeliverable as Addressed mail data into functional mailing lists to efficiently streamline shipping and mailing. Data fields such as name, address, USPS bar codes, and reason codes on each envelope image would be extracted into an organized file that can easily be ingested into an internal system. As a result, address records can be updated within a quick turnaround using ARDEM’s flexible solution.

The key component to the success of this partnership was the flexibility and scalability provided by ARDEM to handle daily mail envelope volumes. Mail envelopes were processed quicker and eliminated the backlog allowing the global technology company to save money on return mail and focus on providing improved and more efficient mailing services.

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