data mining

A leading financial marketing company reached out to ARDEM to outsource and expand the capabilities of their data mining and web scraping projects. They were experiencing inefficiencies in day-to-day operating due to the repetitive and time-consuming nature of data mining.

ARDEM was tasked with different projects with hundreds to thousands of different records from various websites such as LinkedIn, GitHub, or even resumes to mine information such as work experience and contact information. All of the data would be entered into an excel file that could easily be ingested into an internal database for analytic purposes.

Open communication was a key factor in this ongoing partnership which allows ARDEM to prioritize new projects on demand and deliver data within a short turnaround. As a result, ARDEM was able to increase the efficiency and maintain high accuracy of data mining, allowing the company to focus on core competencies. A Senior Manager remarked that one of the reasons why they chose ARDEM was because of the high quality, consistency, and accuracy of data that was being delivered. Outsourcing this process to ARDEM has significantly lowered their operating costs while contributing to the success of the company.

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