A global premier tissue processing company had a major issue: Each unique piece of tissue the company sells is accompanied by an FDA-mandated Tissue Utilization Record, which includes a variety of information related to the tissue and how it is used. These physical cards are essential sources of information that must be stored securely and easily located. The challenge facing the company, according to its Director of Project Management, was in managing these cards and the relevant information securely and in an accessible way. The often handwritten cards made the internal process of scanning and parsing the data.

Helping Deliver a Higher Quality of Service Recognizing the business need to handle the data entry challenge, the company sought help from ARDEM. They were immediately impressed by the solutions ARDEM put forth. In particular, the Director pointed to the unique dual entry and extensive quality assurance process in which two people enter the same data then programmatically run a character-by- character comparison, looking for any variants in the data.

After the company contracted ARDEM to enter all the data, the Director noted that even with tens of thousands of cards to work through, ARDEM was able to easily process the backlog within a few months. “It was nothing we could have done ourselves,” the representative remarked.

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