utility bill processing

A sustainability provider that serviced over 500 separate utilities found that collecting data in a timely manner was becoming too difficult in-house.

The process required data on demand, usage, KWH consumed, CCF of Gas, Gallons of Water, and Waste generated billing data by location or individual meter. A few challenges were quickly identified: since each building was serviced by a different utility company with its own unique bill format and terminology the data collection needed to be normalized.

These utility bills could be received through the mail, in an electronic format, or requires web scraping off utility websites.

With the combination of people, processes, and technology, ARDEM utilizes the best-customized solution. Paper documents are quickly scanned and run through the ARDEM Data Capture platform. Additionally, we take skilled workers with deep industry knowledge to run multiple validation checks to ensure the highest accuracy and quality of data.

ARDEM prides itself on a high level of accuracy and on-time delivery, promoting a successful, long-term partnership.