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The Art of Exceptions – Infographic

exceptions processing workflow

Within the Accounts Payable workflow, many businesses face similar challenges when it comes to exception handling and processing.

  • The process is very manual and requires a knowledgeable team to troubleshoot the different scenarios.
  • Accounts Payable analysts will need to reach out to vendors and suppliers for any missing information or erroneous invoices.
  • The exceptions become a bottleneck which increases the cycle time for invoices.

With automation tools streamlining the receipt and data capture/data extraction portion of Accounts Payable processing, the exceptions process is still very manual. As a result, many businesses turn to outsourcing to streamline the exceptions process and increase the visibility of invoices from all vendors and suppliers.

So how do businesses tackle these challenges and streamline their invoice exceptions process? We take our industry experience to outline an efficient exceptions workflow:

The Art of Exceptions

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