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How Do I Go About Planning My Data Capture Project?


ARDEM connects and consults on your project goals. Along with project requirements we put together a highly skilled team to solve your data capture issues and assignments. The aim is to focus on in-house data entry technologies based on the defined tasks in the most efficient manner and deliver the most accurate data to you. We are also open to explore various new software and methods if the project demands so.

We take details of your current data capture process, if any. We understand your outsourcing goals in terms of outsourcing, the requirement improvements and current resources being used. It is important to nail down clear end goals in terms of business growth requirement, cost, streamlining of processes or all. If your projects demands so, we create the data entry process from scratch and work through the workflow test and pilot production and final data production stages.

What is the Accuracy & Quality of Data Capture?


ARDEM operates at a 99.97% or higher accuracy of data for our clients. To achieve the highest accuracy, ARDEM Data Capture platform use double key data entry along with data quality checks, validation routines, and data verification checks to assure the highest accuracy of data possible. We work in three shift basis with maintenance of continuity so that workflow and quality is unaffected.

What Business Processes Can I Outsource With Data Capture Services?


ARDEM can help your service on ALL business processes ranging from Accounting, Marketing, Sales, Production, Human Resource, Survey to any other processes that have a data component.

You can outsource business processes like customer data collection, marketing surveys, sales, orders, invoices and customer data capture. Within HR & Production we also capture data from specification sheets, inventory, disbursements, resumes and other databases that need to be created.

ARDEM helps you collect data in handwritten, machine typed, digital, paper, and various other formats. All data is collected, organized, reported on & captured as specified by you. With a mix of ARDEM Data Capture and ARDEM Data Entry platform, we ensure that all data is delivered with the highest data accuracy.

Information is being collected and processed in every business process and each functional area- Accounting, Marketing, Sales, Production, Human Resource, for business insights.

  • In Marketing customer data is being collected, market surveys are being conducted.
  • In Sales, orders are coming from customers and are being entered into the system.
  • Accounting requires incoming invoices to be entered into the system.
  • Production data from specification sheets and inventory, disbursements are being recorded.
  • Human Resource data is being collected from resumes and databases are being created.

Various input methods such as Surveys, Rebates, Claims, Application Forms, Mailing lists, Invoices, Sales Orders need data to be captured or transcribed from the incoming source format into the enterprise system. Data may also need to be collected and compiled with data mining and data indexing services. With a mix of ARDEM Data Capture and ARDEM Data Entry platform, we ensure that all data is delivered with the highest data accuracy. ARDEM is a data entry company that has consistently delivered highest quality data, every time.

The Data I’m Dealing With is Confidential – How Do You Protect It?


With ARDEM, you can be assured of highest levels of security and privacy.

We take protecting your data very seriously. We comply with ISO 27001 data security standards and address data security at the employee, physical and network levels. We also utilize VPNs and SSL for data transmissions, PGP and at rest data encryptions, to keep your data secure. We are also a HIPAA compliant facility for the protection of your data and offer ePHI, PII and Business Associate agreements further protection of your data at ARDEM.

Data Security is addressed at the physical location level, the people level and at the network level. We take our role as a temporary repository of your data seriously. Complying with ISO27001 data security standards we address data security at the employee, physical and the network levels. Utilizing VPNs and SSL for data transmissions, PGP and at rest data encryptions, we keep your data secure. HIPAA Privacy Policy for protection of your data is in place for ePHI and PII and Business Associate agreements further protect your data at ARDEM.

How Do I Select the Right Data Capture Outsourcing Company?


Evaluate a company’s PEOPLE, PROCESSES AND TECHNOLOGY – these are the three pillars of any strong and successful outsourcing company.

Communication is key to a successful outsourcing partnership. This is why at ARDEM we keep you informed of the progress on your assignment, and of any issues which may occur in the data capture delivery process which could impact your business. The data capture service company which can bring the best people, the most robust processes and the latest technologies to assure the highest accuracy of data is a good choice for a data capture outsourcing company.

Not all data capture companies are created equal, you can select the right outsourcing company by following key parameters like:

  • Data Accuracy Guarantee
  • Their Data Entry Processes
  • Quality Control Processes
  • How they handle workload volume fluctuations
  • How they train their people.

How Can I Grow My Business With Data Capture Services?


Data Capture is generally the first step in any business processes. Outsourcing your data capture services allows you to concentrate on your core activities to further enhance your business. An experienced data capture outsourcing partner can not only handle data capture tasks to reduces costs, improve quality and accuracy, but also improves your productivity by becoming a significant partner to further business expansions.

Do you have the Adequate Technology & Infrastructure to Support my Legal Process?


Our headquarters, in New Jersey, host the in-house cloud-based network that enables us to provide our clients with advanced cloud computing solutions inclusive of cloud collaboration platforms like ARDEM Collaboration, as well as cloud-based BPaaS solutions for data processing, document conversion, survey processing, and more.

Our operations are spread across the United States, South America, India, and the Philippines, where our teams work in 3 round-the-clock shifts to keep your data moving. Our hybrid approach combined with our high-performance teams ensures that your data continues to be processed and delivered, come what may.

How is my Data Process Controlled & Monitored?


We curate the most qualified team members with deep industry knowledge and extensive work experience to ensure that your data is of the highest level of quality.
Our QC experts monitor every stage of your process to ensure quality output. Your Project Owner further ensures that the final output is shared with you as per a predefined frequency or your updated instructions.

All our projects include a multi-step QC process that goes through an additional checking process before delivery to ensure close to 100% accurate data. Our digital collaboration platform, the ARDEM Collaboration Platform, provides you access to your personal account on our server from where you can upload raw files, view the status of your project in real-time, and even download the flat output files, all with a few simple clicks.

What legal projects similar to ours have you previously completed?


ARDEM’s Legal Outsourcing division has several successful projects under its belt as we have successfully partnered with several Law Firms & Legal Organizations to provide immensely helpful and meaningful solutions for projects that range from reviewing class action applications to document processing for Licensing Applications.

You can learn more about our collaborations with different non-profit organizations here.

What Accuracy Improvement Methods are Used & What are your Accuracy Guarantees?


ARDEM utilizes a combination of both automated and programmatic quality measures alongside effort-based data processing to build you a truly responsive and scalable solution.

Our solutions are customized to each client’s individual needs and combine an optimized combination of the two methodologies as a testament to our standards of quality and accuracy. Using our hybrid solutions, we deliver close to 100% accuracy for every project, every time.

As we work together, our team continues to improve your processes further, streamline your operations further for additional cost savings and efficiency.