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Are you a data outsourcing company? Do you also offer data entry services and back office solutions?

ARDEM is extremely proud to have been ranked as the top data outsourcing company in 2019.

Our team of data scientists, engineers and developers work together to build optimized data entry solutions. As a top data outsourcing company, we offer you a range of data processing services including data entry/extraction from paper forms, images, and even processing data entry directly into your company’s pre-existing database. 

When we talk about back office solutions, ARDEM creates a customized Back Office Outsourcing Team. The custom-built team comprises a dedicated Project Manager and handpicked FTEs with experience and industry knowledge to optimize your processes to boost efficiency and deliver success.

In addition, we offer our clients full IT support and an open line of communication to ensure we are always available to provide full back-office support.

Advantages: Eliminate Manual Errors, Faster Processing, Dedicated Team of Experts. 

Services: Data Entry Services, Document Processing, Application & Claims Processing.