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ARDEM Ranked No. 1 In The Best BPO Providers List

By November 23, 2021March 14th, 2024No Comments
ARDEM Outsourcing BPO Provider

We are proud to announce that ARDEM has been ranked#1 in the list of Best Data Entry Outsourcing Companies for 2022, surveyed by TechTimes. It deep dive into BPO providers’ efficiency to survey their effectiveness across industries, including Finance and Accounting, Banking, Insurance, Logistics, Retail, Healthcare, Energy, Manufacturing, Life Sciences, NPOs, legal.

ARDEM has proved its competitiveness in the BPO industry once again with the best data entry solutions. Prior to this, Clutch has also counted us in the list of the top BPO firms for data entry services. We are more than happy to see our clients’ satisfaction and their reviews that helps ARDEM to be recognized by the world.

Data is the essence to make a company more successful, but building an in-house data entry unit can be resource-intensive. The ongoing pandemic has transformed the traditional BPO model and demands more flexibility and transparency in the processes. Efficient BPO providers like ARDEM with the 20+ years industry experience can save your resources from hiring, training, and huge technology investments to grow your business.

What Has Made ARDEM Check the Right Boxes so Far?

1. Highest Accuracy

Proprietary data entry solution with double-key data entry methodologies to provide as high as 99.97% accuracy every time. Data is passed through several Quality Control checks to deliver the highest possible accuracy.

2. Data Management

We ensure streamlined data management for faster processing and timely business insights.

3. Flexibility and Quick Scalability

As the transformation in business models requires flexibility, we provide flexible data processing solutions based on your data volumes. The company expedites services quickly for continual scalability.

4. Latest Technology

We have combined Automated Data Capture + Effort-Based Processing for superior data entry services.

ARDEM is run on the fuel of Trust of clients, robust people and processes with the backbone of superior technology

ARDEM’s business model focuses on providing exceptional and hassle-free service to help their clients focus on core issues that impact their business.