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How Automation is Helping Trucking with Freight Tracking

By August 22, 2022March 18th, 2024No Comments
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Freight tracking is one of the most critical components of shipping. Understanding the status of the shipments manually can become a cumbersome and erroneous activity. The back office is often unable to locate the status of the shipments, and the freight may get delayed or lost.

Delays in shipment can make customers lose trust in the company. It is essential to track freight status such that both the back office and customers can stay up to date Automation gives the means to track the shipments accurately, with little or no manual intervention. Using built-in automation technology, ARDEM offers exquisite shipment tracking features to track shipments and reduce overhead accurately.

A study of the benefits that automation has to offer for the trucking industry is described below:


Optimizing Shipping related costs

Automation provides the means to understand shipping routes and patterns. As the back office business managers analyze the routes taken regularly, automation can establish a more effective shipment distribution-based mechanism to help minimize shipping-related costs and gain operational efficiency. Automation enhances the display of such patterns by determining the regular trucking routine accurately, which helps in more efficient load distribution.

Cost Optimization

Companies trying to locate shipments manually may incur massive variable expenses resulting from inaccurate or unavailable data. Delayed shipments may cause cancellation, additional charges incurred by the truckers that the company has to bear, and ineffective load distribution, making handling more difficult. With automation taking charge of the tracking process, the back office gets accurate and timely results and can take the necessary action. The precise status of the shipments helps in increasing the process efficiency.

Frees Up Resources

With automation holding the responsibility for tracking freight shipments, companies do not have to rely on a set of employees to track the status of the packages. Employees can focus on more critical organizational tasks that need their attention.

Delayed or Lost Packages

Automation gives an accurate display of the current location of the package. This is done by ensuring the package has reached the desired checkpoints. This helps the back office understand any delays in the shipment and provide a solution. On the other hand, using a manual process of freight tracking can result in lost packages. With automation, the back office personnel has an estimate of the last checkpoint where the freight had reached. They can use such data to track the package, saving it from getting lost. Since automation gives the tracking results in real-time, it becomes easier to track shipments so that companies can minimize delays and lost packages.

Customer Satisfaction

An automated freight tracking feature helps customers understand the location of their shipments. There may be cases where customers have placed a bulk order, or the shipments hold something precious. In such cases, the customers may be willing to track the status of their shipments. Automation provides the platform to track the status to build customer satisfaction precisely. 

ARDEM provides fully managed logistics outsourcing services from issuing load statements to freight billing and auditing. ARDEM provides automation in trucking and logistics to improve process efficiency.  

With a wide range of best-in-class technology, ARDEM Invoice Manager (AIM) helps reduce the average processing cost by an immediate 30%. The invoice manager comes with a dashboard that allows clients with an overall view of their invoices. Clients can track such invoices to ascertain a smooth payment process.


Effective freight tracking is the means of attaining greater process efficiency. Automation provides the platform for accurate freight tracking, such that companies can use such data to take timely actions, make better decisions and enhance profitability.

ARDEM provides Business Process Outsourcing and Business Process Automation Services to established companies to help them improve operational Efficiency and Reduce Costs.  For more information please reach out to us  at or call us at 908-359-2600.