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How Automation is Helping Law Firms in the Discovery Process

By June 14, 2022March 14th, 2024No Comments
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Discovery creates a base for the trial and is a lengthy process. There are five key steps in the discovery process – interrogatories, the request for producing documents, depositions, request for admissions, and subpoenas.

Before the trial begins, discovery is considered one of the crucial parts to work upon. Both the parties engage in a discovery process to be prepared for trial. It is the formal process of exchanging information before the trial takes place.

Parties exchange the details of witnesses and evidence to be presented in the actual trial. They come to know what evidence may be presented during trial before it begins. Another reason for conducting discovery is to move on in the final trial smoothly. You can imagine what will happen to the trial if parties are unaware of the evidence and information to be shared. It will create chaos and make the trial time-consuming. 

It is said that to be the winner of a case, one must present all information in front of the jury, making the discovery process more crucial. A small misstep or lack of information can make your case weak.

Therefore, more and more law firms are looking at automation. They are moving toward a digitized approach to manage the documents. Also, automation is the need of the hour for law firms in the remote working culture. Manage everything to present a case on trial.  

What Automation Brings For Law Firms To Process Discovery

  • Convenient data storage, data access, and data security  

Get records without running here and there. Earlier law firms relied on upper authority to get documents during the discovery process. Many times there was a delay in getting documents due to office closure. Law firms can store important day-to-day documents, assemble evidence, draft reports, and study documents in a centralized place in a single go. Using technology like automation, they can manage document storage conveniently with high security and quickly access the data. Automation fastens the error-free discovery process. 

  • Improved Deposition Management 

A deposition involves huge paperwork, gathering information, and many more tasks that make it hard to manage. The manual deposition process is quite a time-taking and costly process. Deposition management is easy with a cloud-based system. Using automation technology, law firms can eliminate paperwork and allow them to focus more on core work. 

  • Quick Investigations 

Time constraints are the greatest challenge for any law firm. Most law firms do not use their time on back-office tasks. Instead, they outsource application processing, data entry, class action data processing, etc. Law firms can create instant investigations for matters and accelerate the investigations process with automation. An outsourcing partner with automation technology can reduce time consumption. They can replace the manual investigation approach with the cloud-based process. 

  • Increased Efficiency  

Run your discovery process on a cloud-based solution. You need not spend hours searching for documents. Get the documents stored and updated in a single centralized location. Get everything on time and boost efficiency in the discovery process.

Law firms can outsource to renowned BPO service companies, like ARDEM, for quality legal outsourcing services. They get back-office processing assistance and enjoy boosted efficiency in every case action, including discovery.   

Back Office Solutions to Help Law Firms with ARDEM include data management, data mining, data entry, data extraction, document processing, plaintiffs management, and claims processing. ARDEM ensures increased accuracy, data security, customer confidentiality, and reduced cycle time. You can get automated solutions for such processes in law firms. 

ARDEM provides Business Process Outsourcing and Business Process Automation Services to established companies to help them improve operational Efficiency and Reduce Costs. For more information, please reach out to us at or call us at 908-359-2600.