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Guide to Choosing a Type of BPO: Business Process as a Service

By July 31, 2018March 11th, 2024No Comments
Guide to Choosing a Type of BPO: Business Process as a Service

One of the most common questions any business comes across is: when should you outsource? While your business is growing, certain in-house tasks become difficult to keep efficient such as data entry or document processing. With tight budgets and deadlines, businesses start looking towards a BPO as a strategic move towards increasing productivity and reducing costs.

Data entry companies may be able to provide a flat file that compiles all the data you require, but some processes require a bit more high-level processing or management. For example, when working with utility bill management there are various steps in-between receiving a bill and processing the invoice. The bills need to be received, organized and scanned before the required fields can be normalized into an output file. Additionally, every utility provider uses their own layout and unit of measure to outline monthly usage. A BPO provides the expertise to make sure your processes run smoothly.

A BPO that Utilize Cloud Computing

With outsourcing comes various types of vendors that provide different services based on your needs and the current process. For example, the traditional Business Process Outsourcing companies focus on streamlining and managing a single process to cut down on operational costs. Business process as a service or BPaaS vendors utilize a cloud outsourcing model to provide a business growth type management service. BPaaS vendors utilize a rich talent pool, deep industry knowledge, and technology so that you can continue to improve your bottom line.

The key benefit that a BPaaS provider offers is the ability to cut down on the cost of IT infrastructure, and the increase of overall turnaround time. Using the example above, utility bills can be uploaded onto a secure cloud base server, reviewed, and approved before any processing is started. Additionally, the ability to scale up or down adds flexibility with the need for resources whenever volume fluctuates to provide the best solution. This allows data t

So Why Choose ARDEM’s BPaaS Solution?


BPO Companies are experts in data and with a team of experts find the right pieces to create the best-customized solution.

ARDEM can handle all of your business process outsourcing needs to ensure high accuracy, quality, and quick turnarounds to meet your deadlines. Our knowledgeable solutions team is depended solely on providing the best-customized solution by understanding the total cost of operation.

As an outsourcing company, ARDEM specializes in the ability to create a process that matches your current business policy. This allows us to create consistency in the workflow rather than complicating things internally.

We are highly vigilant in data security – rooted in ISO27001, our defense system address data security in multiple levels utilizing VPN, SSL, and PGP encryptions. Data is kept on a need-to-know basis; restricted access to certain information, networks, and the internet all prevent cyber security threats.

Want to find out more about our BPO type services? Check out ARDEM’s Outsourcing solutions or contact ARDEM today to speak with an ARDEM Account Executive.


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