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How to Build Supply Chain Resilience

By April 30, 2020March 13th, 2024No Comments

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a series of rippling effects, impacting not just the healthcare system but also disrupting the global economy and growth trajectory. One such major disruption can be seen in the disturbance of the supply chains. Therefore, the need of the hour is to build supply chain resilience.

The current situation isn’t just worrying for logistics operators; disruption of supply chains can result in a severe shortage of essential medical supplies and everyday necessities like food and sanitation supplies with disastrous consequences.

Now, more than ever, it is important to build resilient supply chains to ensure that necessities reach wherever required. In fact, almost 94% of companies have suffered supply disruptions due to the COVID-19 crisis. This is a problem that needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

However, before we proceed to the measures for building supply chain resilience, let us ask an important question first:

What does building supply chain resilience actually mean?

Remember, the old adage- hope for the best but prepare for the worst? Well, building supply chain resilience is quite similar, it basically means creating steps to ensure that you are able to maintain your output as close to your potential as possible even in case of major disruption like the current crisis.

Now, that we have identified the goal, let us take a look at the measures that we can take to create resilient supply chains:

Rapid Response Relay

Build supply chain resilience with rapid response relay.

While you could not have foreseen the current situation, there’s still time to set up and get back to where you were. The first and most important thing you need to do is to create an urgent response plan and relay it urgently and effectively across all centres for immediate implementation.

What you need to do to formulate the plan itself, is take stock of your current position and then create a response plan to tackle the roadblocks you are facing. Establish uniform codes of operations and take measures to restore as much of your capacity as possible. This is the time to innovate, take swift action and persevere against all odds.

Build Your Resistance Capacity

Build recovery capacity for a resilient supply chain.

You further need to identify any and all possible risks that can disrupt your services now or in the future and create an efficient risk management strategy. The purpose is to have a plan-of-action already in place to mitigate the loss and disruption that arise in contingency situations.

In fact, in the long-term, risk management will be an essential part of everyday business operations. This system will be technology-based employing advanced measures like automation, machine learning and artificial intelligence. You need a partner who can employ all these technologies and employ them in a transparent process that helps you keep an eye on things but also relieves you of the burden of performing these repetitive tasks.

Strengthen Your Recovery Capacity

Strengthen your recovery capacity to build supply chain resilience.

The thing about disruptions is that they are unexpected yet unavoidable. So, while resistance capacity deals with the ability to take a hit and keep things running, recovery capacity deals with what comes after.

During the disruption, you simply try to perform as much as you can with regards to your full capacity, once the situation improves, you need to come back with full force.
This means that you need to create an effective recovery capacity plan that allows you to scale up operations back to where they were and run business as usual.

Once you have restored your previous capacity, you can think about sustaining your operations and even expanding your scope of work.

Outsource Logistics Processing

Outsource logistics processing to build supply chain resilience.

As we said, carrying out functions even in the face of setbacks and stressful situations can be quite a task. In order to make sure that things continue running, you need to process a considerable amount of paperwork accurately and within a specified time limit to make sure that the load reaches its correct destination.

This requires a specialised in-house team of qualified professionals along with the requisite equipment to digitize and process your data using automation, AI and machine learning technologies. Setting up all this can cost you a pretty penny, not to mention that you need to add more resources or reduce them as the situation progresses.

So, then what is a cost-effective solution to create supply chain resilience?

The answer is clear, you partner with a trusted outsourcing partner that has successfully built logistics supply chain management solutions for major logistics players in the industry to increase agility, accuracy and client satisfaction.

How Can ARDEM Help?

At ARDEM, we have considerable industry experience in processing huge volumes of logistics data including freight billing, bill of lading and purchase orders.

From entering logistics data accurately to converting and processing documents and generation high-quality output, our services guarantee that your processes run smoothly while reducing your cost of operations by an immediate 30%.

We know that when working in the logistics industry, accuracy plays a major role in the maintenance of essential processes. Outsourcing the data entry process and document processing allow you to eliminate the repetitive back-end tasks, and refocus your internal resources for core business to improve visibility.

The ARDEM Advantage

Logistics Support Services

ARDEM provides extensive logistics outsourcing services from issuing load statements to freight billing and auditing services.

Completing an operation entails much more than simply delivering goods, the location has to be correct, the shipment has to be checked and accounted for. All this is accomplished using a series of documents that track the shipment from the time the order comes until it reaches its final destination.

These documents also help determine the charges for the services rendered and therefore must be maintained meticulously to ensure swift approval and timely payment. These documents include the freight bills, bill of lading, load, confirmation statements, invoices, receipt and purchase orders. All of these need to be processed with great efficiency and accuracy and that’s exactly why ARDEM is the perfect outsourcing partner for you.

Accurate Data Entry

Errors are eliminated, duplicate bills become a thing of the past with ARDEM's data entry services.

When entering logistics data you have to be extra careful, simple errors by just one digit can cause the shipment to be delayed, the bill to get rejected or even the entire order to be cancelled.

At ARDEM, we realize the importance of accurate data entry and that is why we have developed a proprietary data entry technique that employs double key entry to ensure a higher quality of data with the highest possible accuracy.

When we process your data, errors are eliminated, duplicate bills become a thing of the past and the requisite paperwork is processed accurately and shared in time.

Document Conversion and Processing

We process your freight bills, bill of lading, and load confirmation statements with efficiency.

Processing logistics paperwork is no mean feat. We are talking about permits, freight bills, bill of lading, load confirmation statements, shipping documents, etc.
Converting and processing these documents is a labour-intensive process that requires considerable resources including both manpower and technology.

At ARDEM, we process all your documents whether they are in digital or physical formats. You can just need to mail us all of your physical documents. We will scan them using our high-speed scanners for you and then upload them. You and your team members can also forward digital or scanned documents to us and we will process them.

We employ a mix of optical character recognition or OCR technology, machine learning and advanced automation to capture, aggregate and process your data. Your bills, shipping documents and permits are directly uploaded into client databases for swift and easy access.

We establish a streamlined process to handle large volumes of data from invoices, bill of lading, load order processing and other shipping documents to help increase supply chain efficiency.

Building Resilience

We use intelligent automation and smart processing to provide results with greater speed and accuracy.

At ARDEM, we stay with you every step of the way. So, when it comes to building resilient supply chains we are here to assist you. Our team continues to work from home and will ensure that essentials data entry and document processes continue.

We will continue to process your data in real-time to enable successful order fulfillment on time. As you bounce back and expand your operations, we deploy more resources to ensure that the increased volume of data is processed and delivered on time.

As you plan and continue to recover, rest assured that you have a partner who will match their services to your requirements at every stage.

People, Process and Technology

We employ smart people, robust processes and advanced technology to build successful outsourcing solutions..

At ARDEM, we know that smart people, robust processes and advanced technology are the keys to building successful outsourcing solutions.

We employ qualified experts to process your data using our tried-and-tested yet customized processes that are further carried out by our proprietary automation bots. Using a combination of intelligent automation and effort-based processing, we provide optimized results with greater speed and accuracy for each shipment.

With the aid of our global team, business improvement techniques and robotic process automation, we build you scalable solutions that build strong partnerships for collaborative success.

Supply Chain Management Services by ARDEM Incorporated:

  • Logistics Data Entry Services
  • Logistics Documents Processing Services
  • Logistics Document Conversion Services
  • Freight Bill Processing
  • Freight Forwarding Services
  • Freight Bill Auditing
  • Order Fulfillment Services
  • Bill of Lading Processing
  • Processing Load Confirmation Statements
  • Invoice, Receipt and Purchase Order Processing

At ARDEM, we are more than your outsourcing company, we work as your business partner to ensure that your data is processed correctly and efficiently to provide greater visibility into your operations. We also process your data in real-time to ensure that you get your information on time.

As our business grows, we deploy additional resources to accommodate your real-time needs while making sure that your work doesn’t have to wait. We help streamline your logistical operations with faster turnaround times for invoices, receipts, load orders and even load confirmation statements.

Get in touch with us to build supply chain resilience today!