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Game Developers Gain Competitive Edge Through Data Processing

By December 12, 2017March 11th, 2024No Comments
data processing competitive edge

As the video game industry continues to grow, it places a lot of pressure for developers to create successful products. Data processing allows for quick and thorough analysis to gain insight on user experience.

With both cost and flexibility in mind, many video game companies turn to outsourcing as a solution.

The goal is to stay within budget, finish development within a time frame, and that it appeals to the audience. Budgets and development schedules for each project are estimated, making it difficult to account for complications.

Having a full development team can become costly, requiring different people with different skills such as programmers, artists, and analysts.

Data is the Key to Better Experience

An outsourcing team can easily manage the back-end processes of development to give a company more flexibility.

Collection of player base data, feedback, as well as how much time spent playing can help developers use data to improve their games.

Adam Carpenter of The Medium explains why the first ten minutes are crucial for mobile game player retention. With the right balance of game play, loading times, and the tutorial, a player determines their investment in any game. This valuable information makes it easier to see different trends to improve a game, and help create concepts for a new one.  

With large player volume it’s difficult and falls out of the main focus for a game development company to collect and organize this data. Outsourcing data processing and database development saves you money and allows you to focus on creating another successful game.

Smarter AI is often sought out to give players an enriched experience in different scenarios by determining how to react to the player’s actions.

In a previous blog post we talk about how large volumes of data bring life to artificial intelligence. While AI has been on the rise, it requires a lot of data to be fed into its system before it is beneficial.

As virtual reality becomes more popular, companies are looking to use AI to serve as the foundation for the virtual environment. In order to develop AI systems companies outsource different functions such as image recognition through tagging players or actions. This allows the AI to build a database to generate the functions desired.

ARDEM’s Data Processing Solution

Klaus of Tech Patio explains that the main benefits of game development outsourcing focus on saving time and money while gaining flexibility and value.

Game Development Benefits from Data Processing

Outsourcing data processing allows companies to effectively use data science to find the best ways to deliver success!

ARDEM offers a customized solution to provide flexibility for both cost and deadlines to offer the best for your needs. Saving time and money is important when competition is high. We have multiple validation checks in place to ensure the highest accuracy, and work a three-shift schedule to ensure that work is done in

By outsourcing these back-end repetitive tasks of data processing, you can focus on more of your valuable time towards the development of success.

Contact ARDEM today to see how we can help manage your data!


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