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Fears of Outsourcing

By October 25, 2021March 14th, 2024No Comments

There are some common fears among business owners regarding outsourcing. Often times, a company’s management picks up on common  misconceptions by listening to hearsay or perceptions provided by others  regarding someone’s experience with outsourcing. The fear of the unknown makes it difficult for first-timers to try the potential benefits that outsourcing can bring to the company. 

In wake of the pandemic, businesses have started depending more on technology to handle macro as well as micro-level tasks. Companies of all sizes in almost every industry have shifted focus on outsourcing their work. This is helping companies to cut down their working capital costs. Prior to the multiple lockdowns, these labor-intensive companies were used to having permanent staff for the work that could have been outsourced.  

Common Fears of Outsourcing

Here are some of the common fears of outsourcing that entrepreneurs have:

1. Cost

Costing is one of the biggest fears. However, the reality is, there are high chances that outsourcing might save a considerable amount to the company. There are various charges you can skip while outsourcing your day-to-day work. For example, for data entry or invoice management, business owners would pay a sum that would be considerably less than paying for a full time employee.    

Solution with ARDEM: ARDEM’s cloud integration services ensure the highest accuracy and quality, accelerate productivity, and reduce overall operational costs with the following tools: ARDEM Utility Manager, Invoice Manage that reduces the average cost of business processing by 30%.

2. Communication Barrier

Communication barriers stop many business owners from connecting with outsourcing providers. Especially in the case of virtual assistants, the majority of business owners in English-native countries are afraid to hire virtual assistants from different countries.  

Solution With ARDEM: ARDEM believes communication, internal as well as external, is the key to success  of a business and therefore makes the talent available from across the globe. ARDEM has the ability to source skills globally, customized as per your requirement.

3. Better Quality

Outsourcing services have dedicated Quality Control experts and Quality Control tools and processes to assure accuracy in data processing. The final deliverable always meets the client requirements. Every project is audited multiple times to assure high accuracy. Use of both manual checks and programmatic validations assure  error free output data, a much higher level than what is typically achievable if the same task were to be completed in-house. 

4. Output Quality

Often businesses develop and build work ecosystems to maintain quality and accuracy. They have an apprehension that outsourcing may hamper the quality and accuracy of the output. Therefore, business owners should benchmark each process activity and implement Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the quality of work they expect from their outsourcing partner. SLAs and KPIs can be implemented in data entry outsourcing, freelance data entry, business process outsourcing like accounts payable or receivable, and other processes.  

Solution with ARDEM: ARDEM’s Competencies include Automated + Effort based solutions (Experience with Technology). Their highly qualified analysts have extensive work experience to assure quality work with the highest accuracy.   

5. Fear Of Security Breach

Data is considered as the new oil. The risk of losing data is always high in a newly built company. The potential of a security breach restrains businesses from handing over their invaluable data to an outsourcing service provider. 

Solution with ARDEM: ARDEM’s clients feel secure about their valuable data as we employ a series of security protocols to keep the data safe. The measures for clients’ sensitive information security include VPNs, SSLS, and encryption protocols combined with our internal security measures, HIPAA, GDPR compliances, and Business Associate Agreements (BAA).

6. Technical Issues

When a company turns to automation for its business processes, it requires technical support and even training. The existing workforce of the business may not have the required expertise to make this shift. Business owners are often not sure of how much an outsourcing company would be able to help them with this. 

Solution with ARDEM: We assign a dedicated and experienced project manager to work in the mapped and defined process. It will ensure that all of your requirements are addressed. They manage all training aspects of our client’s remote workforce. 

7. Time Zone Difference

If the outsourced company is located in a different time zone, contacting them could make it difficult for the owners to coordinate and to follow-up. It affects the routine business of the owner as well. Business owners fear that due to this difference in the time zone, their outsourcing partner might not be available for assistance when needed.  

Solution with ARDEM: ARDEM has the ability to outsource skills as per your requirement from anywhere in the world. You can choose the most convenient place to outsource your required services.

Best Practices to Consider While Hiring an Outsourcing Company

Here are some of the best practices business owners should focus on while hiring another company to outsource the work. 

1. Hire a trusted outsourcing partner

Business owners will have to spend time finding a trusted partner for outsourcing their tasks. Outsourcing partners become a part of the team once they are hired. Therefore, business owners need to find a perfect fit for the company.  

There are legitimate players to share all of your company’s responsibilities like ARDEM – equipped with its latest technologies to expedite the growth of your business. ARDEM is an 18-year-old family-owned and operated business. As a family-owned business, they understand the importance of trust and communication and, therefore, run your business like it is their own. 

Flexible Team Business Process Outsourcing

2. Outsource activities that are outside your core competency.

Business owners need to outsource the work which is outside their teams’ core competency. For instance, for a logistics company, it is impossible to build software. The company will have to hire a team of professionals for this task.  

You can get the right skill sets sourced for BPO, Government Solutions, Data Outsourcing solutions for data entry services, document processing, Accounts Payable and receivable with ARDEM that best suits your requirements.  

You can outsource to ARDEM across industries, including:  

  • Finance and Accounting Outsourcing 
  • Utilities and Energy
  • Insurance Outsourcing 
  • Retail Outsourcing 
  • Non Profit Organizations 
  • Healthcare 
  • Logistics  
  • Manufacturing 
  • Legal Outsourcing
Trained Team

3. Get your internal team involved

It is important to get your top management team involved in the negotiations. There may be times when the owner is not available, the internal team will have to take care of the operations.  

ARDEM’s Smart Business Process Solutions revolves around the People + Process + Technology for collaborative success. ARDEM serves businesses with their cloud platforms, Automation Robotic Process, Automation Virtual Training Services and provides your ARDEM team within two weeks that can train your internal teams, as per the need.


Post pandemic world has increased the demand for outsourcing. Companies with less capital do not want to accommodate full-time employees on their teams. Outsourcing boosts the cost-cutting aspect for the company.  

ARDEM provides Business Process Outsourcing and Business Process Automation Services to established companies to help them improve operational Efficiency and Reduce Costs.  For more information please reach out to us  at or call us at 908-359-2600.