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How Leading Companies are Solving Back Office Staffing Shortage

By May 3, 2022March 14th, 2024No Comments
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Staffing shortage at the back-office end poses challenges to conducting business operations for all industries. The inefficiency of back-office level operations causes a huge gap in the management coordination at all levels.

The leading companies across the world recuperate from such disastrous outcomes of the back office staffing shortage by crafting exceptional staffing strategies. To understand a strategic approach, let us take a look at the back office operations companies generally conduct. 

  • Data entry and management 
  • Administrative support
  • Lead management
  • Catalog management
  • Accounts management (payables and receivables)
  • Automation, etc 

This unending list of back-office business operations needs to coordinate with the rest for proper outcomes. This is where leading companies are facing a crisis. As per Harvard Business Review, 48% of the vaccinated crew feel hesitant and do not want to return to the normal onsite job roles. 

To bridge this gap, the CEOs and CFOs of the top-rated companies take certain measures. They first create a strategic approach to balance the in-house and remote workforces. Here is what they do. 

Automation is the key

This is the digital era we are living in. Automation has become a brilliant way to get repetitive jobs done in no time. For back-office operations, automation delivers an exceptional platform that leads to the following benefits. 

  • Channelizing resources enables proper coordination between back office and front office pillars of a business 
  • Improvement of the overall efficiency of the workforce
  • The establishment of an easy communication channel between different management domains of a business
  • Easy eradication of bottlenecking in organizational procedures
  • Simplification of generating, storing, delegating, and accessing data
  • Quicker and easier auditing
  • Exemplary reduction of investment and expenses 

The balance between in-house and outsourced workforces

Another way of mitigating back-office staffing shortages is to outsource such services. From content creation to data management, handling accounts to coordinating with customers, these specific requirements can be outsourced to remote service providers. This is a unique step that leads to a better management platform for leading businesses. 

Business process outsourcing (BPO) has been diversified into different domains based on contemporary industrial requirements. Here is a list of statistical information regarding outsourcing back office and BPO services. 

  • The outsourcing market size reached a whopping US$ 92.5 billion before COVID19 and it has increased considerably.
  • More than 300,000 jobs are outsourced in the USA. 
  • Over 93% of leading companies and organizations are willing to adopt cloud services for easier outsourcing and back-office service management. 
  • Data security concerns more than 68% of outsourcing companies 
  • Over 44% of the chief intelligence officers (CIOs) are in the favor of outsourcing jobs.

Adjusting and managing operating hours

A shortage in staffing can be mitigated using measures to adjust operating hours. Reduced in-house staff can be utilized for the peak hours whereas the remote workforce can be deployed for flexible hours. This is what the strategic approach leading companies are implementing to keep the meter running.

Cross-training and redesigning jobs

The management professionals are stressing cross-training employees existing in the workforce to make them more efficient in handling multiple job roles. They focus on: 

  • Promotion of existing potential employees 
  • Outsourcing back-end services more
  • Cross-training existing employees and offering better packages 
  • Resetting the organizational culture 

In a nutshell, freelancers and full-time professionals are being hired across the world to work remotely on back-office levels. The introduction of automation has enabled leading companies to simplify these crucial business operations to mitigate short staffing. This is how short staffing is being handled by the top companies.

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