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Managing Remote Teams for Logistics Outsourcing

By March 25, 2021March 13th, 2024No Comments
Managing Remote Teams for Logistics Outsourcing

With virtual collaboration and remote work becoming the norm rather than the exception, businesses are swiftly turning to high-performance remote teams as a way of boosting efficiency. This, in turn, has created a corresponding need to create smarter ways of managing remote teams for productivity and success.

As a crucial service sector, logistics operations must have the ability to continue uninterrupted despite any disruptions or even unprecedented situations. Apart from the physical journey itself, there is an extensive trail of paperwork that needs to be verified, processed and delivered on time to execute a successful logistics run.

Logistics operations require a string of shipping documents such as physical or electronic bills of lading (BOLs), load confirmation statements and freight bills, etc. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that running efficient logistic operations transport is contingent upon an effective and flexible back-office team to execute these tasks swiftly and efficiently.

So, what is the best way to create and manage your logistics paperwork, including processing freight bills and bills of lading (BOLs) for every completed transaction?

Hiring an expensive in-house team to deal with mounting paperwork can result in inaccuracies and delays as you spend time hiring and training specialized assets which can lead to struggles to process a continually increasing trail of incoming shipping documents.

However, outsourcing these essential yet repetitive tasks to a specialized logistics outsourcing team offers the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of scalable solutions for your freight billing, auditing, and other essential services.

Discover How ARDEM Provides Effective Logistics Back-Office Support

Ensuring Accurate Data Entry from Shipping Documents

ARDEM is adept at managing remote teams for accurate logistics data entry.

Accuracy and efficiency play a major role in the successful execution of different logistic processes. Our logistics data entry solutions help eliminate repetitive back-end tasks and enable you to refocus your internal resources on core business activities for expansion and growth.

ARDEM ensures the highest possible accuracy and quality when working with your logistics data. We ensure that all work is double-keyed and verified using standard data validation routines to prevent errors prior to uploading into your system. This makes it easier to find discrepancies in billing and allows us to eliminate any possible setbacks.

We further employ a mix of optical character recognition or OCR technology, machine learning, and advanced automation to capture, aggregate, and process your data. Furthermore, crucial documents such as bills of Lading (BOLs), freight bills, and other shipping documents are entered directly into databases to ensure the quickest possible turnaround times.

We further implement a three-shift work schedule to ensure that a professional team is working around the clock to process your data in real-time. This allows us to handle any volume and ensure that you are kept up-to-date and can keep track of all your orders.

Accelerating Freight Billing and Auditing

ARDEM offers advanced outsourcing solutions to accelerate freight billing and auditing.

Freight billing and auditing are essential tasks that ensure timely reimbursement of the amount due for successfully executed logistic operations. ARDEM offers extensive invoice processing services that include receipt of freight bills, auditing said bills and processing them on time to streamline your workstream for greater efficiency and faster processing.

Our freight billing and auditing services are designed to eliminate errors like incorrect pricing, bill amounts, double billing, overcharges, wrong freight rates, and overdue invoices, among others.

We process your freight bills by employing stringent quality checks, automation, and industry expertise to process your data faster and more efficiently. The high-quality data that we produce offers greater insights into your revenue streams and enables better cash flow management.

Our robust processes also ensure that you experience faster turnaround times and shorter payment cycles. Additionally, we also help you reduce your revenue wastage by processing your billing data with greater accuracy.

Optimizing Load Confirmation Statements

ARDEM builds you successful solutions for managing remote teams and optimizing load confirmation statements.

Data from load confirmation statements are entered into an internal database to verify and record that the quantities and products for a particular shipment are delivered successfully. The primary challenge in load confirmation processing is ensuring accuracy while entering data in real-time for an increasing volume of incoming load confirmation statements.

ARDEM has extensive experience processing these vital documents, having assisted companies struggling to manage their increasing volume of load confirmations.

Boosting Savings and Scalability

Our solutions are adept at managing remote teams for savings and scalability.

Our scalable logistics outsourcing support solutions help reduce your operational costs by 30-40% and shorten your cycle times significantly to provide higher returns on your investments.

ARDEM can streamline tedious tasks such as data entry and document processing to cut down on operating expenses, save time, and ensure accuracy and quality of work regardless of the type of format or software.

Accurate data processing further helps identify discrepancies in billing, confirm verification for bills of lading, and ensure that all your logistics management decisions are backed by accurate and real-time data.

Moreover, our automated solutions not only increase productivity but with ARDEM’s expertise they also provide better accuracy and quality of data to minimize risk and loss.

Paving the Way for Smarter Digital Collaboration

The ARDEM Collaboration Platform makes managing remote teams a breeze.

ARDEM also equips your teams with efficient collaboration tools and subscription to the ARDEM Collaboration Platform, our secure digital workplace that offers extensive connection, communication, and sharing features.

Our proprietary collaboration platform also comes equipped with personalized dashboards that offer customizable views, allowing you to view the progress of your project in real-time and view the metrics of your choice, i.e., the number of shipping documents received by date, week, month, etc.

Greater visibility into your operations data translates into greater actionable insights and can even help you overcome the top 5 warehouse challenges that hinder supply chain efficiency.

However, merely equipping your remote teams is not enough. The need of the hour is to build a strong team, leverage diverse talent, and create protocols for managing remote teams better.

ARDEM’s virtual training services build high-performance teams with skills that are specially tailored to your specific needs. Our customized remote teams further offer flexibility and scalability to accommodate your growing needs, ensuring that your work continues, no matter what.

How ARDEM Trains Remote Teams for Logistics Data Processing

ARDEM provides virtual training services for building and managing remote teams.
  • ARDEM’s process engineers study your existing processes in detail before breaking them down into individual steps.
  • Each step is further analyzed for any redundancies, optimized, and then stitched together to create an optimized workstream for your process.
  • Our trainers then sit down and engineer a customized training regime to train and deliver high-performing assets, i.e., virtual assistants. These virtual assistants then undergo training to process data from logistics documents, including bills of lading (BOLs), freight bills, load confirmation statements, etc.
  • Our intelligent developers create a replica of your current system on our platform for training all employees.
  • Our team recruits and trains your remote analysts using the specially created training regime.
  • Metrics of each user are reviewed and re-trained to improve and meet expected performance levels.
  • Once the team has achieved a certain level of certainty, we deliver quality performance in your system.
  • We continue to monitor the analysts even after they shift to the live process to ensure that they meet the expected quality standards.
  • The training process is further optimized to grow your team as your needs grow. We also incorporate client feedback to update and upgrade our training regimes to implement a strategy of continuous improvement.
  • Throughout this process, the ARDEM Collaboration Manager serves as a channel for easy communication and data sharing while also serving as a tool for managing remote teams effectively.

If you would like to discover more about how ARDEM can build and deliver a successful remote working solution for you, then get in touch with us to schedule a free consultation today!

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