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Outsourcing is Not Just for Saving Cost

By October 19, 2021March 14th, 2024No Comments

To outsource or not – Is a million dollar question in every C-Executive’s mind with a wide variety of multifaceted tasks. There is a very strong trade-off in terms of not only cost but also various qualitative factors. While cost is at the core of any strategic decision to outsource – you might even want to consider various other reasons as we have outlined ahead.

Due to a rapid increase in the consumption of outsourcing services, several new specializations have emerged along with Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). Among different specializations, global IT outsourcing has been growing swiftly at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of around 5% and stands at USD 98 billion during the predicted period 2021-24. Additionally, the US BPO outsourcing market has been growing at an attractive CAGR of 7.8% till now from the studied period of 2018-2027.

Due to continuous change in technology, the requirement of large-scale data input, high demand for work efficiency, and other tedious complexities in work processing, businesses from various industries look for data entry outsourcing services along with other various types of outsourcing services.

Outsourcing for businesses: Get more than just cost reduction

Although cost control measures are important, the priority of businesses is quality in every business process. The outsourcing industry offers IT-based services, knowledge processing, automation, and field expertized facilities to fulfill businesses’ objectives in time with high proficiency.

A business can get numerous benefits by outsourcing processes to specialized data entry service providers and outsourcing service providers. Following are some of these high rewarding benefits:

Expert Services from Talented Minds 

Companies are expanding their business products and services to gain a wider market share. Outsourcing assists them to focus on core strategic activities rather than spending time and effort on scattered secondary activities. Outsourcing companies offer services like accounting, data processing, data entry services, document digitization, data entry operations, survey processing, fund management, financial data automation, among others. Talented workforce with data entry skills, vast experience, and specialized knowledge in these outsourcing organizations deliver error-free services on time.

Solution with ARDEM: With our highly tech-driven qualified expert analysts who are empowered with deep industry knowledge and extensive work experience, you can get your work with the highest accuracy and quality.

IT Infrastructure Support for Digitization of Processes

With the introduction of technology in business processes, the earlier human intensive work system has become technology-intensive. Finance and accounting, manufacturing, infrastructure, education, logistics, social services, entertainment, and others are shifting toward information technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Setting up an AI and IT-based infrastructure in the business premises imposes a high cost and requires the hiring of AI/IT experts which is a cumbersome process. To resolve these issues, IT-based outsourcing services offer high-quality services with deep commuting networks, advanced mechanisms, and artificial automated solutions.

ARDEM solutions: To draw maximum benefit out of IT outsourcing services and their smooth implementation in your existing business processes, you can get cloud platforms, robotics process automation, and a digital workplace with ARDEM. This will also help you gain high business visibility and improved accuracy in your internal processes.

Better Business Control and Quality Assurance

Whether it is meeting Sarbanes-Oxley, Patriot Act, SOC or GDRP, an efficient outsourcing company keeps itself updated with all the required regulations. You can not only meet these tough requirements without batting an eyelid but also maintain a steady reputation with various stakeholders.

ARDEM Solution: ARDEM places high value in regulatory aspects and hires and trains certified professionals to meet these requirements along with filing, providing data for audit trails and bookkeeping.

Business scalability with outsourcing

Outsourcing is an important solution to upscale business activities during peak demand. With a large skilled workforce and well-established work mechanisms, businesses can process huge transactions at one point in time. Outsourcing with third-party service providers, you can increase your revenue manifold without having to undergo too much increase in cost.

Due to benefits in terms of business growth and scaling, 54% of all global companies use third-party outsourcing support to connect with their clients and customers.

To grow your business with high-speed processes, ARDEM offers you on-time fast data input and data processing services with the highest quality. We are committed to providing 100% satisfaction to your clients. 

Efficiency in work processing

Trained Team

Generally, every business organization spends its valuable time in data input, processing, transforming, and extracting useful insights. Without automation and outsourcing, manually inputting data and data processing consumes huge time. Manual activities with huge workloads give way to human-error risks for businesses. According to a report, at least one-third of processes from 60% of occupations can be automated. Outsourcing companies offer automation facilities along with digitized fast work systems handled by expert teams.

In line with this, you can get machine learning and AI-based solutions, OCR, and ICR data capturing models at ARDEM, for high volume and efficient data processing. Enjoy faster turnarounds with us, coupled with tailored automation solutions to match your business requirements.

Improve business value with extensive quality assurance

Value driven-factors are more influential than cost and other monetary factors. Fast and accurate services from outsourcing collaborators provide an opportunity to satisfy clients’ needs on time. Small business units are adopting outsourcing facilities to attain work efficiency. According to a report, 24% of the total small businesses opt for outsourcing services to increase business efficiency. With advanced automated systems and qualified analysts, organizations in the financial and banking industry, accounting, manufacturing, non-profit organizations, and other industries, can get hassle-free and accurate work before time.

ARDEM solution: With machine learning and AI, get 100% clean and verified data to ensure work efficiency. Get solutions for your challenges with our experience for thousands of processes from a wide range of industries.

At last, the ultimate advance of adopting an outsourcing facility is to attain internal cost efficiency. By eliminating the need to set up an internal system for digital data input, data processing, invoice processing, account payables maintaining, etc.,  every organization can save a lot of funds by reducing operational and capitalization costs.

Get outsourcing Benefits with ARDEM

To assist you, ARDEM presents a wide range of services with automation, machine learning models, robotics, and Artificial Intelligence. Highly qualified ARDEM teams, with deep industry knowledge and long work experience, provide you with business outsourcing solutions with almost 100% accuracy.

Get the following benefits by partnering with us:

  • Enjoy a tailored automation facility with faster turnarounds.
  • Set up your personalized teams with us and get your work systemized within 14 days.
  • Get your digital cloud space with us to maintain your whole work system.
  • Get full back office support with a low turnaround time.

These attractive benefits of outsourcing attract organizations from different industries. Through a collaboration with an outsourcing service provider for accounting, finance, data processing, manufacturing, assembling, skill recruiting, training, fundraising, etc, you can achieve your strategic goals with limited resources.