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How to Ramp Up Your COVID-19 Testing Capacity

By July 31, 2020June 14th, 2023No Comments
How to Ramp Up Your COVID-19 Testing Capacity

As the demand for COVID-19 testing continues to rise, it’s creating an additional burden on all testing and diagnostic laboratories to deliver fast and accurate results for the ever-increasing volume of incoming tests.

Apart from the actual testing of samples which needs to be performed with great care and precision, all specimens received are accompanied by corresponding test requisition forms that contain crucial information pertaining to the sample’s origin, the ordering physician’s details, the patient’s demographic details and more. While processing these forms is a labor-intensive and time-consuming task, it plays a crucial role in the entire process, ensuring that the right diagnosis reaches the right place.

So, in order to improve your TAT or test turnaround time, you need to re-define and accelerate your test requisition form or TRF processing. An easy and effective way to achieve this is via outsourcing. An experienced healthcare outsourcing partner can relieve you of the burden of processing incoming forms by extracting and mapping elements from different data points and delivering it into your lab system in time for testing the samples.

At ARDEM, we are currently working with national-level private testing laboratories and diagnostic companies that are dealing with an increasing demand for COVID-19 testing kits and are looking to scale up their testing capabilities while processing large volumes of test requisition forms in a short amount of time.

Here’s how outsourcing can help you accelerate your COVID-19 testing capacities to generate faster results while promising greater currency:

Overcome the Challenges of Handwritten Forms

Overcome the challenges of processing handwritten COVID 19 testing forms with ARDEM.

Despite the push towards digital forms in healthcare and testing, many of the forms are still filled in by hand and duly signed by the ordering physician. This, in turn, means that even OCR or optical character recognition cannot fully capture the data to 100% accuracy.

At ARDEM, we extract and deliver accurate data by decrypting handwritten forms using a combination of automated data extraction and effort-based processing to deliver easily-managed data.

We further employ advanced OCR, ICR and machine learning to ensure accurate data capture from requisition forms to accurately map and aggregate specific fields of data including patient demographics, facility information, barcodes, etc.

Real-Time Processing

ARDEM offers real-time processing solutions for all COVID 19 testing forms.

At ARDEM, we can go from processing 5,000 forms per week to 20,000 forms per day and are currently doing so for a large-scale consumer-centric home and retail healthcare services company that is delivering results to its consumers within a 48-hour cycle.

As soon as we receive a batch of COVID-19 test requisition forms in the form of PDFs through a secure SFTP, they immediately enter the processing cycle. The relevant data is extracted, mapped and standardised within 12 hours. Once the process has been completed, the final output is transferred directly into your system, in an easy-to-ingest format.

Ensuring Accuracy

ARDEM implements greater accuracy and accountability in healthcare processing.

Accuracy plays a crucial role in healthcare processing. An error by a single digit or data point can result in the delivery of an inaccurate diagnosis, either creating unnecessary alarm or denying timely treatment to the right patients.

As processing patient data with accuracy is of pivotal importance, ARDEM employs a proprietary methodology of double-key data entry and a slew of compare and validation checks to deliver high-quality data with 100% accuracy. With ARDEM as your partner, you can be sure of greater accountability in your COVID-19 testing.

Improve Delivery Time

Improve result delivery times for COVID 19 Testing with ARDEM's COVID solutions.

Apart from processing PDFs and scanned copies, our highly-skilled teams and advanced automation technology are more than capable of processing and entering data in 3 round-the-clock shifts, 24 hours a day to process your data in as little as 6 hours.

When your COVID-19 test requisition data is processed on time, it means that your results are delivered on time. With our aid and optimized diagnostic kits, you can do it within 24 hours or less.

Managing Hiring and Training

ARDEM hires, trains and manages your remote teams for COVID 19 test requisition form processing.

Hiring and training new employees to process the increased volume of incoming test requisition forms can be quite an expensive and time-consuming process.

However, with ARDEM as your partner, you need not worry about such problems anymore. We take care of everything from hiring qualified data analysts to training them to work and replicate your internal processes while maintaining the quality of output generated.

After understanding the details of your current process, we layout a proposed workflow. ARDEM’s intelligent developers then create a replica of your current system on our platform which is utilized for training all employees.

The performance metrics of each analyst are reviewed and they are re-trained to improve and meet expected performance levels. Once the team has met a certain level of certainty, we shift them to your active project to implement efficiency and speed performance in your system. The training process is further optimized to grow your team as your need grows.

Compliance and Security

ARDEM ensures security and scalability for patient form processing.

ARDEM provides secure and scalable solutions to match your fluctuating COVID-19 testing requirements. As your processing needs expand, we scale operations by allocating more bots and trained FTEs or back-up analysts to process the increased volume of incoming forms.

Additionally, these test requisition forms contain several data points including patient identity, finance and insurance credentials and therefore, need to be processed with extra care.

At ARDEM, we ensure that HIPAA, PCI, PHI and PII compliances are met while entering, processing and sharing data for patient data security. We are an ISO27001-certified company and follow a slew of security protocols during file transfer and while processing to protect confidential data.

Apart from our security compliances and protocols, we are also extremely careful about who we expose your data to. In terms of our COVID-19 TRF processing services, access to sensitive data is given on a strictly on a need-to-know basis, and we have additional measures in place to ensure that your data cannot be moved, saved, edited, or seen by unauthorized team members.

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The ARDEM Advantage in Covid-19 Trf Processing

Ramp up your COVID-19 testing capacity with ARDEM.

COVID-19 Test Management

The moment we receive test requisition forms, they are sorted and entered immediately into the processing cycle.

Real-Time Results

Relevant information from different data fields is extracted, captured and aggregated in real-time. The final, processed output is entered directly into your system.

Accuracy and Quality Checks

ARDEM employs double-key data entry alongside a variety of validation checks to deliver 100% accurate data.

Security Assurance

We further ensure that HIPAA, PHI and PII compliances are met while entering, processing and sharing data to preserve patient data security.

ARDEM provides processing solutions for COVID-19 testing to provide faster and more accurate results for employees and high-risk patients.

Get in touch with ARDEM if you wish to learn more about how to revamp and accelerate your COVID-19 test requisition forms processing, then schedule a free consultation with us today!