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Why ARDEM Ranks among the Top 10 Back Office Support Providers in 2021

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ARDEM Ranks among the Top 10 Back Office Support Providers in 2021

Back office operations can be referred to as processes that are carried out to keep an organization running efficiently. While back-office functions may not be customer-facing, they definitely play a major role in determining customer experience. Back office support solutions are designed to help companies execute their backend tasks more efficiently.

In other words, the success of an enterprise’s front-office services is related to the efficiency of its backend operations. Naturally, a smoother back-office function results in faster and more efficient customer service and vice-versa.

Clutch has released its list of top BPO companies in 2021 and we are happy to see ARDEM rank among the top 10 back office support providers.

Discover why ARDEM ranks among the top 10 back office support providers.

Back-office tasks usually comprise administrative and support tasks such as settling claims, clearances, bookkeeping, accounts payable processing, accounting, data entry, document indexing, transaction processing, and more.

Despite seeking operational efficiency, most businesses find themselves bogged down by bottlenecks such as paper-based and manual processing, careless mistakes/errors, outdated workflows, etc.

As a top back office support provider, ARDEM offers dependable solutions for effective administration and executing large-scale data transaction processes.

The ARDEM Advantage in Back Office Support

Offering Advanced Data Management and Document Conversion

ARDEM offers advanced data management and document conversion services for effective back office support.

Our data entry solutions deploy proprietary methodology to combine double-key data entry, OCR data capture, and data mining to accelerate data processing from incoming documents and high-volume transactions. We further provide live analytics and actionable business insights for smarter decision-making.

Apart from ensuring faster data processing and lower prices, we also deliver 99.97% accuracy to help you avoid any costly errors.

Our back-office support solutions also offer comprehensive solutions for large-scale document processing for both electronic and paper-based documents in varied formats.

We use our high-speed scanners for faster document conversion, indexing, and archiving millions of records for easy retrieval and proper record-keeping. All processed files are uploaded directly into your database for easy and timely access.

Offering Large Volume Transaction Processing and Management

We further offer end-to-end back office support solutions for transaction processing.

At ARDEM, we combine OCR-backed data capture with effort-based processing to build successful solutions for processing large volume transactions to ensure operational accuracy and efficiency.

Our flexible solutions combined with our round-the-clock operational shifts ensure that all incoming documents are immediately ingested into our processing cycle and delivered in real-time.

Virtual Training Services for Building Successful Remote Teams

Our virtual training services build you high-performance teams for effective back office support.

In the age of digital collaboration, the ability to partner with high-performance remote teams is crucial for competitive agility and success.

ARDEM’s virtual training systems mirror your current process and train remote teams to execute your processes perfectly from start to finish.

We recruit and train skilled talent with adaptable skills in standard industry practices for high-performance results. Using our virtual training platform, we evaluate and revamp operations to boost productivity and efficiency. This eliminates risk and allows us to provide fully trained teams that are ready to provide back-office support.

Our solutions are specially designed to reduce in-house errors, free up your internal staff, and help you focus on serving your customers better.

Now, that we have explored the factors that make our back office support solutions stand out from the rest, let’s see how ARDEM builds you a fully integrated outsourcing team for success.

Building Remote Teams for Providing Effective Back Office Support

Discover how ARDEM builds high performance remote teams for successful celebrations.

Starting with an Experienced Project Manager

Once you are officially on board, a Project Manager is assigned to serve as your main point of contact. Their job is to ensure that your project runs smoothly, and they will communicate between you and your team.

In case you face any issues with your project or need to update your solutions, you can discuss your requirements with your project manager, and they will ensure that everything proceeds swiftly and smoothly.

Delegating the Right Number of FTEs for Instant Scalability

Depending on your scope of work, we will train and provide just the exact number of full-time employees to carry out your processes successfully.

Additionally, as your processing needs increase, we will allocate more resources and ensure immediate scalability to ensure that your processes continue uninterrupted.

Providing Full IT Support and a Team of Qualified Developers

Outsourcing projects require a bit of IT support to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Whether it be day or night, our IT department is always available to provide support when necessary, which ensures that your work never stops.

A truly effective back office support solution backed by the latest business process automation requires innovative solutions backed by advanced technology.

Our development team can help create custom solutions using our proprietary automation bots that are self-sustainable and capable of executing multi-sequence steps to execute your processes flawlessly.

We combine machine learning, artificial intelligence, and robotic process automation to maximize your ROI and help you achieve operational efficiency with automated workflows for efficient backend support.

Ensuring Open Communication

Communication is the key to building a successful business process outsourcing solution. At ARDEM, we take pride in becoming a part of your business team. We are always available exactly when you need us and are always ready to serve you and address your concerns.

We value building intimate, long-lasting, and mutually beneficial relationships with our customers. We further aim to create a fair and honest work environment where we enjoy working with each other.

We know that our paychecks come from our customers. We do everything we can to exceed our customer’s expectations. We believe that we have an amazing ability to solve complex problems and that with hard work and persistence we can succeed.

We are fair and honest in our interactions. We are responsive.

If you would like to learn more about how we can build you effective back office support solutions for cost-savings, faster processing, and accuracy, get in touch with us to schedule a free consultation today!

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