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Transform Your Utility Bill Processing Efficiently for Building Energy Management

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Utility Bill Processing Transformation

Utility bill data, both historical and day-forward, needs to be collected from utility bills for energy management of buildings. Monitoring, managing, and controlling the energy in buildings with a sophisticated method can have considerable benefits. It results in smooth operation and efficient functioning of the building. Such effective energy management of buildings is based on utility bill processing. It also aids in energy use disclosure submission when following energy commission standards.

Energy management solution providers need to streamline the process to access utility-billing data. Organizations that streamline accessing utility data can reduce their timeframe to collect data by approximately 10-33%. It can improve energy data management programs incredibly by best utilization of time in piling, inputting, and validating utility data. It helps in consistent and timely data analysis.

The Challenges in Utility Bill Processing

  • The challenge for the energy management solution provider is to quickly and accurately capture all the historical utility data to create the energy management models. And, based on the count of buildings being managed, the task of populating the incoming utility usage data every month becomes another challenge. 
  • Another challenge is that the utility bills are sent to users electronically through email or mailed in paper form to an address. It is hard to categorize and input them into a system manually. It will take too much time to organize the data.  
  • It is also a big challenge that utility bills from different utility vendors are in various formats. The terminology used on the bill of one utility is different from the terms used at the other. Even within the same utility, the bill format may have changed over the years. This requires the development of a unique platform that can process bills from multiple utilities quickly and correctly.
  • Data Security in Utility Bill Processing Services is challenging and demands huge efforts.  

Due to such bottlenecks, it is not easy to utilize data sets to make viable real-time decisions. Choose an appropriate data access option for accessing utility data from manual or advanced automated data entry utilizing data capture solutions. 

Data extraction requires both intelligent interpretation and automation. Utility providers and consultants are under more pressure to remain competitive. Therefore, there is an intense search for improving their utility bill data management and operational efficiency to bring higher customer satisfaction. 

The Solution - Outsourcing 2022

Significant accuracy and cycle time improvements can be achieved by outsourcing the task of data capture and data entry to a data entry outsourcing provider. Data entry vendor also helps in:

  • Reduction in staff intensity: You can reduce your efforts to hire and train a team of full-time employees for entering data into a central energy database. An experienced outsourcing partner can handle all your data entry tasks, i.e. data extraction, validation, audit checks, and integration.
  • Reduced time: The time from billing to review can be reduced. A time lag in data review results in a compromised ability to determine usage anomalies. It also contributes to high costs and energy waste. Your efficient outsourcing partner can help you avoid wasting time by using well-trained teams.
  • Insights to comprehensive utility billing data sets: A comprehensive utility billing data set utilizing effective utility bill processing helps pinpoint energy and cost savings factors.
  • Quality Data: Utility-bill data may have errors if the data is processed manually. It will affect the data center energy database. You can rely on well-established business process outsourcing companies to ensure data accuracy.
  • Improvement in operational efficiency: You can eliminate redundancy that will free up time for analysis tasks in the organization and lead to additional operational efficiency.

ARDEM platform for utility bill processing can help organizations process bills efficiently from hundreds of utility companies.

How ARDEM Transforms Your Utility Bill Processing for Efficiency

ARDEM offers fully managed utility bill processing services – from the receipt of utility bills to clear payments.

ARDEM’s Double-Key Data Entry with programmatic data validation routines ensures the highest data accuracy and quality. Our Utility Bill Processing solutions provide accurate data from different file formats, i.e., PDF, Email, JPG, text, or other formats of bills. 

Our teams ensure streamlined utility bill processing services to increase your visibility, lower costs, and improve sustainability. The configuration of the ARDEM platform includes data extraction, data parsing, data validation, data verification, data audit checks and final integration with client systems.

Our clients who need Utility Bill Data Entry Services send their utility bills either on paper or PDF to ARDEM for data capture. When required, data entry can be completed in close to real-time- delivering output as a batch file or integrating data delivery directly into the clients’ system.

As a leading and experienced BPO service provider, we take responsibility for your data safety as a safe repository for your data. Our data security system is built on the ISO27001 foundation for all utility bill management processes. Our VPNs, SSLs, Business Associate Agreements, encryption protocols, and HIPAA compliance ensure your data protection.

ARDEM Utility Bill Processing System

Utility Bill Processing comes with considerable challenges because of discorded service provider billing formats. We combine advanced data capture technology, data entry methodology, and data validation paths to streamline your bill processing. It results in increased accuracy, shortens cycle times, reduces expenses, and improves sustainability efforts.

We serve our clients with a unique utility bill data management solution per their energy data requirements. With web scraping and data mining, our specialized teams can validate all incoming formats of utility bills through our utility bill auditing.

ARDEM provides technology-based data management services, including BPO data entry services, data capture services, invoice data entry services, survey data entry services, and online and offline data entry services. 

Applications for ARDEM services include Utility Bill Data Entry, Invoice Data Entry, Accounting Data Entry, Survey Data Entry, Medical Test Requisition Form Processing Services, Indexing Large Format Drawings, Medical Claims Data Entry Processing, Mailing List Data Entry, Data Entry from Customer Loyalty Cards, Customer Satisfaction Survey Data Entry. More information.

ARDEM Data Entry Services clients are located in New York, New Jersey, California, Texas, Colorado, Nevada, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Illinois, Massachusetts, Florida, Ohio, Missouri, Wisconsin, Virginia, Maryland, Kentucky, and other states in Canada.

ARDEM provides Business Process Outsourcing and Business Process Automation Services to established companies to help them improve operational Efficiency and Reduce Costs. For more information, please reach out to us at or call us at 908-359-2600.  

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