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How Does a Virtual Assistant Compare to Business Process Outsourcing Services?

By November 6, 2018June 14th, 2023No Comments
How Does a Virtual Assistant Compare to Business Process Outsourcing Services?

A virtual assistant is a great short-term solution to lighten your workload, but without properly defining tasks it can become a question of pros vs. cons. With the growth of technology, it has provided businesses with the opportunity to hire freelancers, software agents, and even outsourced workers to manage the strain of a growing business.

One of the rising business technology trends is robotic process automation which deploys software bots to handle the back-end repetitive tasks. While virtual assistants can manage tasks such as administrative, marketing, and blogging, there are a few mistakes to avoid.

Virtual Assistants vs Robotic Process Automation

For both a virtual assistant and robotic process automation, a proper plan is required to efficiently delegate certain tasks and accomplish goals.

While virtual assistants may be cost-effective in the short run, keep in mind that quality does come at a price. Attention to detail, ability to adapt, and even time management skills can vary with each virtual assistant. Virtual assistants set their own hours and days off making it difficult to supervise – how do you know how much effort and time was spent completing a task? Data security is an issue that needs to be discussed. With an outsourcing company, multiple levels of data security are addressed, but when a virtual assistant works from home or a public Wi-fi network how safe is your data?

By defining specific rules, a bot is able to complete tasks tirelessly around the clock without a lot of management. Software bots are low-cost, easy to implement, and easy to integrate across different systems. One of the largest benefits is the ability to scale up or down while reducing in-house manual effort using technology. Bots can also be upgraded by utilizing machine learning and artificial intelligence in order to automate higher level tasks.

ARDEM’s Benefits: Efficiency and Savings Over a Virtual Assistant

How Does a Virtual Assistant Compare to Business Process Outsourcing Services?

Assess and balance your needs. Are you looking to have multiple areas of focus to be completed? Rather than hiring multiple virtual assistants, RPA can manage a variety of different tasks.

In a previous blog post, we talk about how outsourcing compares to temporary employment. With fluctuating sales volumes having the flexibility to manage various tasks becomes important in order to maintain efficiency.

ARDEM takes the brightest minds, advanced technologies, and robust processes to design the best outsourcing solution. Our highly skilled data scientists, engineers, and developers have combined the latest in technology to increase productivity and simplify repetitive tasks through robotic process automation. In addition to implementing an RPA solution, we also provide a project manager who will be assigned to oversee and manage the project along with IT support should any issues or changes occur.  With robotic process automation solutions, ARDEM boosts accuracy, productivity, and consistency to reduce operational costs and improve your ROI.

Contact ARDEM today to start saving now and discuss how we can provide the best-customized solution!

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