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How ARDEM’s Proprietary Ticketing System Drives Collaborative Success

By March 27, 2020March 13th, 2024No Comments
How ARDEM's Proprietary Ticketing System Drives Collaborative Success

We live in a culture of speed, we want faster communication, faster internet, and faster delivery of all our desirables. If the pizza doesn’t arrive within 30 mins, you want it to be free. If the video doesn’t stream fast enough, you simply switch to another platform. 

The age of digital transformation and high-speed internet has created a corresponding need for speed in our lives as well. Today, the difference between swift and efficient customer service or slow and cumbersome service can make or break a company. 

In this age of fast services and instant gratification, you also need smart solutions to speed up your business processes, especially customer service and support. People are no longer satisfied with the current state of affairs, they want innovative and advanced services and they want them now.

One such revolutionary technology can be seen in ticketing systems that are steadily becoming an essential part of customer care and help desk services. Ticketing systems provide companies with a fast and efficient way to keep track of their customer service requests.

So, this brings us to the question:

What are ticketing systems and how do they work exactly?

Ticketing systems primarily provide advanced IT support to deal with customer queries and support requests. A ticketing system is a software that identifies and captures a service or support request from a customer and then issues a corresponding ticket for reference. This ticket is shared with both the customer and the customer care executive.

This ticket then needs to be processed and once the issue has been resolved, the ticket is closed. So, these systems are actually an effective way to track and keep a record of your customer service requests. Not to mention that they also help organizations process all their customer requests/queries much more efficiently. 

So, in short, it is clear that ticketing systems are revolutionizing customer care and support services all over the world. Here are a few of their advantages: 

A Ticketing System Leads to Better Organization

Ticketing systems provide companies with a platform to organize their customer service requests.

Whether you are a small business on the verge of expansion or a large multinational corporation, you receive several customers or help desk queries on a daily basis.

So, how do you keep track of them all and ensure that each request is being addressed effectively? An email account set up to facilitate processing can be easily overwhelmed as the volume of requests increases. There is also the possibility your team could miss a few queries that get buried under the rising pile of incoming mails. 

This is exactly why you need a ticketing system to record and store all requests or queries received. This allows you to take stock of all queries/comments and deploy your resources to resolve them systematically. 

That’s not all! A fully-integrated ticketing system can also keep track of your ticket resolution times and help you do better. You can track and analyze how long it takes to resolve a certain issue and take measures to speed up and standardize the process. 

A Ticketing System is a Complete Tracking System

Ticketing software provides a complete tracking system for processing all client requests.

A ticketing system doesn’t just record an inquiry or a complaint, it also tracks the request from the moment it is submitted until the time it has been resolved to the customer’s satisfaction. 

Whenever a query comes in, the system assigns it a unique identification factor, i.e., the ticket. This ticket is then used by the customer to track the progress made and by the customer care executive to take definitive steps and resolve the issue. 

The fact of the matter is that a ticketing system helps you to view the volume of service requests coming in and also track the progress of each and every ticket to its final conclusion. This structure also allows you to take corrective steps in case of unresolved tickets and helps you determine your team’s capacity to manage the tickets coming in.  

Moreover, the customer is also provided with a parallel tracking system that keeps them informed about the status of their request, complaint or query. This, in turn, works to build a sense of trust and imparts a sense of transparency in the company’s internal processes to build confidence. 

A Ticketing System Sends Automated Responses

A ticketing system automatically updates the customer about the status of their ticket.

A ticketing system also has features for automated responses that help to reassure the customer at every stage. First and foremost, an automated response is issued to the end-user informing them that their request has been accepted and that the standard protocol has been initiated. 

The system also provides the end-user with a dashboard where they can log in and check the status of their query for themselves and get automated updates.  

After all, we know that customers don’t exactly like waiting for a response to their questions. A notification that someone will get in touch with them shortly or that the resolution of their query may take longer than expected does help assuage their immediate concerns.

The most important part of customer service is that your customers should never ever feel neglected. Automated updates from ticketing systems make your customers feel like you’re always available to listen to their concerns. 

A Ticketing System Helps You Personalize Customer Service 

Today, people don't just want faster services, they also want personalized services.

While customers do want fast services, they also want personalized services. After all, they don’t just want to be viewed as just an issue that needs to be resolved but rather as an individual who is given importance and proper attention. 

As per an article in Forbes, 59% of customers said that being treated as an individual was more important than how fast the issue was resolved, i.e., 53%. 

A ticket enables you to do exactly that, once a ticket is assigned to a customer, a  support executive is assigned who connects with the customer via phone or chat to ascertain the issue. The live tracking status means that queries are not lost or ignored due to disorganization as everything is recorded and any neglect or lack of response is immediately highlighted. 

In addition, ticketing systems also archive all records of interactions with a particular customer. Whenever a new inquiry comes in, the support executive can view all the previous complaints, comments or queries. This helps the executive get an idea of what the customer wants and also makes the customer feel valued and appreciated. 

These systems are definitely a golden ticket to customer satisfaction.

Using a Ticketing System Results in Faster Response Times

Incorporating ticketing software into your customer management system results in faster turnaround.

As mentioned earlier, the most important criteria that every service has to fulfill is the need for speed. 

Incorporating ticketing systems into your customer management system is a great way to improve your processing speed and resolve customer complaints or queries within shorter cycle times. 

A ticketing system captures and categorizes all customer complaints or requests in a systematic manner. This, in turn, allows them to be serviced in an organized manner and leads to quicker resolution times. 

When it comes to help desk solutions, there’s no doubt that timely tracking leads to timely solutions. 

A Ticketing System Builds Long-Lasting Partnerships

These tracking systems also help build long-lasting partnerships.

As may be clear from the points above, ticketing systems do so much more than just helping you resolve your customer queries and complaints.

Apart from recording all previous transactions, these tracking systems also help to prioritize tickets. A ticketing system also helps you determine which requests are more pressing and need to be processed immediately. This helps you build a strong sense of trust as now your clients know that they can rely on you to process urgent requests. 

Besides, a ticketing system also helps your business or organization come across as professional as the customers get automated updates tracking every stage of their query and its ultimate resolution. 

Therefore, we can confidently state that ticketing systems help you build strong relationships with your clients that drive success.

The ARDEM Advantage

At ARDEM, we believe in building long-lasting partnerships that deliver collaborative success. 

Here’s how ARDEM incorporates the benefits of ticketing systems in our ARDEM Collaboration Manager (ACM). Apart from using ZenDesk, all ARDEM Collaboration platforms all have an in-built tracking system that helps us take stock of all customer requests and feedback and resolve them in real-time. 

Our Proprietary Ticketing System offers you the following benefits:

Real-Time Feedback

The ARDEM Collaboration Platform has an in-built tracking system.

Our collaborative platforms provide you with a live window into your processing so that you see how your data is being sorted and processed in real-time. 

That’s not all, we also have a live feedback feature that enables our clients to share their feedback in real-time. In fact, our feedback feature also allows clients to comment on each individual transaction we process.

This further enables us to build a partnership that relies on honest feedback and we utilize the feedback received to rework our processes and deliver an optimized solution that is customized to a client’s specific needs.

At ARDEM, we are fully committed to providing you with timely, responsive solutions for all your business processes.   

Open to Feedback

The ARDEM Collaboration Platform has a real-time feedback feature that shows we are open to feedback.

At ARDEM, we seek to build an open communication channel with every client to ensure that we are always on the same page.

Our live feedback feature instills confidence in our current clients that we are open to feedback and incorporating their point of view. We don’t just accept live feedback, we also process it in real-time to our clients’ satisfaction. 

This, in turn, builds a strong business relationship as our clients know that we are always available to address their concerns and provide swift solutions while outsourcing their business processes. 

Real-Time Chat Feature and Support

Our real-time chat feature addresses everyone and answers all questions in real-time. 

Whether we talk about resolving the issues of our current clients and or alleviating the concerns of prospective customers, our real-time chat feature addresses everyone and answers all questions in real-time. 

Moreover, we don’t have automated responses to your queries, the moment our customer support executives get an update, they jump into action and address client comments and suggestions in actual time. 

Whenever a client has an issue that needs to be addressed or a certain change in the scope of work that requires additional resources, we do our best to process all requests in real-time. 

Our Project Owners are always available during work hours via chat, phone or video to address your concerns and incorporate new briefs into their workstreams. 

When you collaborate with ARDEM, support is just a click or call away. 

Trust and Transparency

The ARDEM Collaboration Platform provides our clients with a clear window and establishes trust.

One of the major purposes of the ARDEM Collaboration is to provide our clients with a clear window into their workstream and to give them real-time updates on the status of their work.

Our proprietary ticketing system empowers us to accomplish this and more. It acts as a two-way communication channel between us and our clients and drives smart business processes and decisions. 

People, Process, Technology

Smart people, robust processes, and technology are the 3 main pillars of the ARDEM philosophy.

Smart people, robust processes, and advanced technologies: these are the 3 main pillars of the ARDEM philosophy and the perfect equation that drives our success. 

We employ the brightest analytical minds with proven problem-solving skills who execute your streamlined processes flawlessly using artificial intelligence, machine learning, and advanced automation to deliver success.

We believe that client relations just like every relationship need continuous attention and work and are fully committed to doing whatever it takes to build long-term relationships for long-term success. 

Give your business the benefit of our advanced outsourcing solutions today!