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Use Automation to Improve Trucking Back Office Processes

By Business Process Outsourcing, Logistics
Trucking companies face an unprecedented amount of paperwork they have to manage. Despite the rise of automation, trucking companies still rely heavily on manual processes. However, new technology can aid transportation companies in increasing efficiency and reducing workload.

Trucking companies can save time and money by automating some of these back-office processes. Read More

automation outsourcing freight bill

How Automation is Changing Freight Bill of Lading Data Entry

By Automation, Business Process Outsourcing, Data Entry Services, Logistics
Data is considered the most critical element in any business. Business managers rely on accurate data to gain insight into the company’s operations and work toward scalability and profitability. The transport sector requires many documents, such as freight invoices and the Bill of Lading (BoL). While the trucking process is being carried out on-site, the offsite back-office employees are usually overburdened with a web of documents, entering data, extracting information, and generating reports. Read More