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Data Entry Outsourcing Trends and Global Forecast 2020

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Data Entry Services and Outsourcing Trends 2020

In the modern era of digitization, everything runs on data. As we make further inroads into the upcoming age of artificial intelligence and smart automation, the way we capture, extract and process data will undergo a drastic transformation and require smarter data entry services. 

As more and more organizations digitize their records and more businesses start opting for real-time data processing, data entry services need to be well defined and incorporate strong process management aided by technology, especially in the outsourcing industry.

How real-time data entry services provide smart data that drives better business decisions.

ARDEM Incorporated was named a top-ranking data entry outsourcing company in 2019 based on the excellent quality of our data entry services, a practice we plan to continue in 2020 and the future.

The increased application of machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI) and smart automation are driving data entry outsourcing companies to come up with timely and responsive solutions for data entry services. As per the experts, the global analytics as a service market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 23.2%, up from 4.3 billion USD  in 2019 to 12.1 billion USD in 2024.

Here are the top trends in data entry and processing that will reshape the industry in 2020 and beyond:

Augmented Data Entry and Management

How data entry services can be optimized to offer augmented data management.

As an organization grows, the amount of data that needs to be processed also increases exponentially, thereby creating a demand for more technical staff and increasing the cost of operations. 

The first question that arises:  Why should you hire expensive technical staff for repetitive, day-to-day tasks? After all, you can surely utilize their skills in other higher-value processes.  

The second question that arises: How do you manage the increasing volumes of data without reducing your costs? 

The answer is right there in front of you- choose an experienced partner! You outsource your data entry and process management services to a reputed data entry outsourcing company that employs artificial intelligence and machine learning to augment the existing technologies and promote self-configuration in the data processing. This can be done using intelligent automation via advanced ARDEM Bots that are fully capable of self-tuning and performing multisequence steps to extract, segregate and compile your data. The throughput accuracy of a well-defined process with intelligent effort-based and automated routines is unmatched!

Increased Focus on Data Security

How businesses are looking for data entry and processing services with increased focus on data security.

As they say with data security comes great responsibility. One of the main reasons why we were named the top data entry outsourcing company in 2019 is because our clients feel secure in entrusting us with their sensitive data and information.  

ISO27001 is our foundation. We are fully compliant with regards to HIPAA and GDPR and are regularly 3rd party audited for Soc compliance.  The best practices are our standard practices when it comes to security and data confidentiality. There are a slew of security measures in place including VPNs, SFTP, SSLs, SSOs which along with advanced encryption during transfer and at rest are all commonplace in our digital security protocols. 

On top of our current compliances, we also have additional measures in place to secure sensitive data and information. For instance, we are also extremely careful about who we expose your data to, with regards to our data entry services. Access to sensitive data that has to be processed is only accessed by your designated team members and is given on a strictly need-to-know basis.   We also have measures in place to ensure that your data cannot be moved, edited, transferred, saved, downloaded, or exported. There are days of boring security information- contact us to sign an NDA and find out more!

Cloud-Based Solutions

How a data entry outsourcing company can offer real-time information using cloud-based solutions.

In this day and age companies need access to real-time data analytics to swiftly map trends and make better business decisions. That’s where cloud-based collaboration platforms come in. 

You can now upload your raw, unprocessed files directly into a cloud database and let the analytics team and your customized ARDEM bots do the rest. However, that’s not all, our cloud-based data visualization tools also help you map out data trends and get an overview of the market situation. 

For example, as your data is processed and compiled, you can see the real-time statistics and further customize your dashboard view to see actionable insights. 

Need another reason to choose ARDEM? Nah, we didn’t think so, get in touch and give your business the ARDEM advantage today!

Continuous Intelligence

Smart data entry and processing services offer real-time data processing for continuous intelligence.

In this never-stopping world, you also need to access never-ending data in order to make the right choices for your company. This is called continuous intelligence or real-time data processing that helps businesses ascertain current consumer and market trends. This, in turn, helps them make better business decisions to minimize loss and maximize profits. 

Experts estimate that by 2022, around half of businesses will be using continuous intelligence and place real-time data in context to make smarter business decisions. 

As a business, you receive endless amounts of raw, unstructured data from consumers, competitors, market studies, etc.  Tons of data from many inputs, how to make sense of all of this? How can we make it actionable? An effective data processing outsourcing solution enables you to process all this data in real-time and improve your business performance. What can be measured can be improved! 

Conversational Analytics 

Data entry solutions must incorporate conversational analytics.

As more and more people switch to voice search on Google alongside Alexa and Siri,  you need to add conversational analytics to your database and map out trends accordingly. 

This can be achieved through the combination of artificial intelligence and machine learning with the added incorporation of natural language processing that enables computers to understand and process human communication. 

You need an outsourcing partner that keeps up with the latest trends and technologies and is capable of delivering scalable solutions with adaptable processes that are constantly redefined to deliver advanced data entry solutions. 

Increased Demand from SMEs for Data Entry Services

Increasing demand for data entry services from SMEs.

The need for data entry services is no longer simply driven by cost; having said that organizations of all sizes are looking for cost-effective solutions that also translate into high-quality data and shorter turnaround times. 

This has led to a major shift in the data processing industry with the adoption of big data by small and medium-sized enterprises to manage the increased volume of data from transactions and customer interactions. 

As more and more SMEs opt for data process outsourcing solutions, they save big time on both labor and processing costs by eliminating the need to hire process executives, purchase and install data processing devices and technology, etc.  Having a talented, industry-specific, educated data processing team adds extreme value to your solution. 

The above advantages combined with the need to focus on developing one’s core competencies for future growth will drive more and more SMEs to outsource their data entry needs to a reliable data entry outsourcing company.

To make the most of your outsourcing solutions, you need a data outsourcing company that can provide on-demand services and build scalable outsourcing solutions to match your company’s increasing growth. 

At ARDEM, we believe in building long-term partnerships for long-term success, we can start small and grow together. 

People, Process, and Technology

Smart data analytics uses the right people, the right processes and the right technology for better results.

The dynamics of outsourcing services have seen another major shift in the focus from cost to quality. Trends indicate that the choice of outsourcing services will no longer be defined by cheaper costs, rather they will be dependent on performance and quality of data, with short-term contracts and conditional renewals. 

Here’s where the golden triangle of people, process and technology comes in. You need a team of smart people with analytical minds who employ robust processes with the optimum utilization of advanced machine learning and AI technologies to deliver high-quality data with greater accuracy. 

The ARDEM Advantage

Flexible Points of Data Entry

Extracting and capturing data from multiple sources.

So, now that you know the trends in data entry solutions, let’s move on to all the advantages you get by making ARDEM Inc. your data entry outsourcing company. 

Just like the multiple coexisting generations that make up our population, i.e., baby boomers (1946-1964), Generation X (1965-1980), the millennial generation (1981-1996) and finally, Generation Z (1997 onwards), an organization’s data also comes from multiple sources including paper forms, images, scanned documents, and finally digital or e-documents. 

So, how do you assimilate all this data? You simply forward everything to the ARDEM headquarters including mailing all your physical documents and we will do the rest. Our high-speed scanners and OCR technology make your data usable, after this, we employ advanced AI and machine learning technologies to transform your raw data into intelligent, usable data. 

ARDEM Capture

Our data entry services are further enhanced by our automation technology, i.e., ARDEM Capture.

Our automated data capture services, also known as ARDEM Capture transforms all of your paper and electronic documents into standardized data through the use of advanced OCR and machine learning technologies. 

Once the unprocessed data has been extracted, converted and made searchable, it is mapped and organized into the corresponding fields via advanced recognition technologies. At this stage, our advanced algorithms come into play and build intelligent relationships between the data, correcting errors to generate standardized output with highly accurate datasets. 

However, we are not done yet and this data is further processed and normalized to compile databases for swift and easy comparison.

ARDEM Automation

Using intelligent robotic process automation transforms data entry, capture and processing.

When it comes to automating your data processing, no one does it better than ARDEM. We employ intelligent robotic process automation to process and transform your unstructured data. 

Our team of highly-skilled data scientists, engineers, and developers combine our industry expertise and our avant-garde approach to build the ARDEM Automation platform that works like a dream. Incorporating the best of machine learning and artificial intelligence, your documents are processed and validated for high accuracy. In case of any errors with missing information or blank columns, ARDEM Automation interprets and edits to ensure that all fields have the requisite information.

Smart Resources for Data Entry Services

Smart data entry services employ smart resources.

At ARDEM, our mantra for success is simple, we deploy smart resources to build smart solutions for our clients. 

Our headquarters in New Jersey and our Operations Office in Lucknow, both offer you a team of highly-qualified graduates with strong, technical, analytical minds along with our robust processes that have been perfected over several years of industry experience. Last but not the least, we have our automation technologies that combine the latest tech developments with our proprietary range of software technologies and bots to build and deliver successful solutions. 

What’s the major advantage of having these smart resources, you ask. Industry-specific educated and technical analysts mean you’re getting the best throughput available. Our forte is intelligent Knowledge Process Outsourcing, having a skilled team makes your solution better! Our smart-resources enable us to build customized data entry outsourcing solutions for your business that optimize and personalize your solutions further, delivering high-quality work and giving you a  higher return on your investment.

Our brilliant resources make for smart workflows and smarter processes. 

Successful Partnerships

Quality data entry services build successful partnerships.

As cyberattacks and data security concerns arise, you can’t just trust any company with your sensitive data just like you can’t trust just any caller with your credit card information. 

Since its inception in 2004, ARDEM has built a reputation for industry expertise along with a strong thread of integrity and credibility. For the entirety of our company’s history, we have always kept our client’s data safe and confidential.

Just take a look at these raving reviews from our happy and satisfied clients. 

“You have lowered our cost, increased our productivity and given us a significantly faster turnaround. Not to mention the data quality and consistency is much better than when it was handled in-house.”

-Blue Buffalo

“Working with you and your company has been a distinct pleasure. From the initial scanning to the finish product, all those involved in the County Clerk’s Office have been impressed by the high level of professionalism exhibited and by your commitment to quality outcome.”

-Bradford Kendall, Dutchess County, New York 

“ARDEM is a great contact to have. Their quick turnaround with the amount of information we gave them was impressive. The work was legible and easy to understand. It helped us to complete our work by our very short deadline.”

-Melinda Lee, Fleishman Hillard

We are happy to tell you that we are already HIPAA and GDPR compliant and have a series of stringent encryption and security protocols in place to ensure the security of sensitive and vital data.  

Need we say more? Give your business the ARDEM Advantage today!

ARDEM-Scope of Data Entry Services

  • Extensive Data Entry Services from Multiple Sources
  • Data Extraction from Physical and Electronic Sources
  • Data Processing to Transform Your Data and Reduce Processing Costs
  • Data Mining to Help You Collect Data and Make Data-Driven Decisions
  • Data Analysis that Empowers Your Business with Actionable Insights
  • Document Management Services including Conversion, Processing, and Scanning Services
  • Large Format Scanning Services
  • On-Site Scanning Services

Still, contemplating? It’s time to jump into action and revolutionize data-driven decisions in partnership with ARDEM Incorporated.