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Data Entry Services for Medical Claims Processing

By September 19, 2013March 11th, 2024No Comments

Health Insurance claims processing for billing and collections can be a long process, however it is essential to any business which deals with paying healthcare providers.  ARDEM provides data entry services for medical claims processing which improves and will help improve overall efficacy by lowering costs, increasing productivity and  ease of use between all parties throughout the claims receivable and collection management process.

Medical Claims processing services

HCFA1500 forms are just one type of health insurance claim forms that ARDEM can process. The HCFA1500 details the numerous medical services the patient has received from the medical service provider.

In order for the service provider to get paid for these procedures/tests, often a third party Receivables Management Company must be utilized. This is where Data Entry Services for Medical Claims Processing from ARDEM becomes of value.

The medical claims receivable management company now utilizes ARDEM for collection of medical data from the HCFA forms and creation of database of outstanding claims.  This can include but is not limited to the extraction of numerous fields including patient name, patient DOB, Employer, Billing Entity, Date of Service (DOS) Clean CPTa, INS name, INS Address, INS City, INS State, and INS Zip.

If your company has large volumes of claims you process, significant efficiencies can be achieved by utilizing ARDEM solution for data entry and data capture from forms such as HCFA form.

Is your current work load of claims processing getting to be more than what you can handle in-house?  Give ARDEM a call and we will tell you all about how we can help with Data Entry Services for Medical Claims Processing.

ARDEM is HIPPA compliant and will reduce processing time while improving accuracy as well as overall profitability!

ARDEM can provide you quick reliable and accurate data entry services for the medical claims processing.

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