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Serving Healthcare Industry with Accurate Data Entry From Test Requisition Forms

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Test Requisition Forms Data Entry

Test Requisition Forms Data Entry needs to provide faster and more accurate results for every patient, especially high-risk patients. A Test Requisition Form is completed and submitted with every specimen sent to the medical lab for testing. Test Requisition Forms are a crucial part of healthcare processing. They contain important data about patients, their treatment history, doctors, billing information and specimen data. 

Challenging Test Requisition Forms Data Entry

Test Requisition Forms collect data about the patient, data about the ordering physician, billing data and specimen data. This data could be both handwritten or machine typed. The Test Requisition Forms may often be accompanied by copies of health insurance cards or other personal ID verification data. Healthcare data must be processed responsibly. There is no place for even a tiny error

Need For Data Entry Outsourcing Partner

As healthcare providers find themselves crushed with high-volume testing, especially during the ongoing pandemic era, they need supportive processing services to quicken data entry tasks. A shift to virtual consultation requires extensive coordination and collaboration for effective healthcare testing solutions. It involves filling out forms with sensitive data. 

Data Entry is required to transcribe the data from the Test Requisition Form into the Laboratory Information Management System. Data entry must be done quickly and accurately to reduce cycle time for the specimen test process. You do not want the lab to be waiting on data entry to be completed. As long as the volume of tests is small, data entry tasks are manageable, but what if the volume exceeds a few hundred tests every day. You want all the data to be keyed- accurate addresses, accurate data for billing, and accurate data on tests to be performed.

  • Document Processing related to funding/grant applications

How Outsourcing Data Entry Helps Companies - Challenges to Overcome

Data Errors 

In the case of handwritten data, it is one of the most common data entry issues that heads up during the actual data input process. It leads to incorrect records and misguided information. There is no place for errors in sensitive data like test forms. Outsourcing companies leverage technologies to avoid harmful data errors. 

Data Configuration 

It is well known that data can be machine typed or handwritten. It needs to be normalized for easier data processing that requires effort to clean and organize data sets with high effectiveness. Standardized formatted data is easy to manage. Healthcare providers can not spend much time or resources to qualify data. Therefore, data configuration is a big issue for them that can be resolved by outsourcing data entry services.  

Slow Turnaround  

The fact can not be denied that data entry is one of the redundant tasks. Such redundancy may lead to more errors in the case of manual data entry. Also, it makes poor use of available resources, especially when you are serving in a critical area like healthcare.  

Quick access to qualified data entry teams  

Healthcare organizations may have to scale up suddenly. For example, during the burst of the current pandemic. In such situations, only outsourcing data entry services can help you to quickly access specialist data entry teams and complete various processes like Test Requisition Forms processing.  

How Outsourcing Deliver Success when Performing Data Entry from Test Requisition Forms

Accurate Data Entry Goals

Test Requisition Form processing includes data extraction. It brings numerous challenges, from handwritten data to match the data from a specimen. The processing needs to be advanced with data capture technology and data entry methodology. Your data entry outsourcing partner can streamline your test requisition form processing with increased accuracy, reduced costs, and curtailing turnaround time. 

Outsourcing of Test Requisition Form data entry becomes a logical choice. Test Requisition Form data is double keyed with Compare checks and validation checks, assuring close to 100% accurate data. Further Test Requisition forms can be logically unitized to create individual digital patient files which can be retrieved in your own Laboratory Information Management System. 

  • Test Requisition Management
    Data entry service providers ensure effective test requisition management. After receiving the Test Requisition Forms, they are immediately processed and entered into the set processing cycle. 
  • Ensured High Accuracy
    Double key data entry system, validation checks ensure highest possible accuracy – close to 100% accurate data. 
  • Faster Processing
    Data entry outsourcing companies are equipped with the tools and the experience to help health departments in decreasing turnaround times and ensure faster results.  
  • Real-Time Processing
    Clients can send forms in no time and track them in real-time. They receive extracted data with high accuracy. Data from test requisition forms are completed in real-time, and the clients can get input of results immediately into their system directly. 
  • Compliance and Security
    Outsourcing partners ensure compliance for data entry through HIPAA, PCI, PHI and PII compliance and meet security terms in the industry while entering, processing and sharing data.

ARDEM Test Requisition Forms Data Entry

ARDEM clients send their Test Requisition Forms to us for data entry. Data Entry is completed in close to real-time. Data from Test Requisition Forms received by the end of the day is available in the Laboratory Information Management System on the following day. All data entry is done while complying with HIPAA to protect PII and PHI data. ARDEM provides technology-based data and document management services, including data entry services, data capture services, survey forms processing and document scanning services. 

  • Data Capture Automation
    Test requisition forms can be sent from distant test spots through different modes. Use mail, fax, or even scan and upload into the secure online platform. Then they are automatically ingested into the defined processing workflow. Each requisition form is processed in real-time. There is no delay from the sample collection to deliver the results. 
  • Preferred Output File
    Form data can be delivered in the desired file type that best meets your requirements in alignment with the current system. ARDEM Collaboration Platform offers greater insight into all test forms – in process or completed. 
  • Greater Accountability
    In the medical field, a small error can lead to serious complications. An effective healthcare administration is contingent upon accurate information and speedy processing. Very often, these test requisition forms are accompanied by copies of health insurance or other personal ID verification data that need to be verified through the entire process. ARDEM ensures the process of your requisition forms securely for better patient data management.  
  • Precise Data Entry for Scale-Up Operations
    When the volume of forms to be processed is low, data entry operators can be managed easily, but if the volume exceeds, there is the need to scale up operations swiftly. Requisition test forms must be backed by an efficient data entry outsourcing company that can help in transcribing relevant data and reduce the cycle time for specimen test results. ARDEM teams perform data entry swiftly and accurately. 
  • Cost-effective Solutions
    The cost-effective solution is to partner with an experienced data entry company in processing medical data. ARDEM has the proprietary methodology to offer accurate test form data processing. It includes double-key data entry and validation checks. Recruiting and training new staff increases your costs. Instead, companies prefer to outsource to ARDEM, offering a combination of advanced data capture technology with OCR and ICR and providing high-quality output. 
  • Indexing Medical Reports  
    ARDEM’s teams can capture and standardize your records and digitally transform handwritten records safely. Information from test requisition forms is a part of medical data that needs to be stored with the utmost efficiency. These medical records are the repositories of important medical information and play an important role in establishing a medical schedule for appointments, follow-ups and periodic testing. ARDEM is partnered with several healthcare companies and serves with its digitizing and indexing services, even archiving their patient records.


How Document Indexing and Document Scanning Helps

Document Indexing is an efficient way to search and retrieve your documents digitally, using tag search phrases. The immediate objective of indexing is to gain the ability to search for and retrieve information within your scanned documents in no time in order to improve your efficiency. You can search for a piece of information without manually combing boxes of files. 

Document indexing and scanning are two different procedures but are closely connected. One can not be utilized without the other. Document indexing involves crediting exact information to scanned documents to make the retrieval speedy and efficient. Once you start with the digital conversion of documents, indexing is just the next phase. Scanning is a helpful tool to repair damaged or torn documents. 

Applications for ARDEM services include Survey Data Entry, Medical Test Requisition Form Processing Services, Indexing Large Format Drawings, Medical Claims Data Entry Processing, Mailing List Data Entry, Data Entry from Customer Loyalty Cards, Customer Satisfaction Survey Data Entry. 

ARDEM data entry services clients are located in New York, New Jersey, California, Texas, Colorado, Nevada, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Illinois, Massachusetts, Florida, Ohio, Missouri, Wisconsin, Virginia, Maryland, Kentucky and across other states and in Canada. ARDEM document scanning service clients are found in New York, New Jersey, Virginia, Maryland, Washington D.C. and Connecticut. 

ARDEM provides Business Process Outsourcing and Business Process Automation Services to established companies to help them improve operational Efficiency and Reduce Costs. For more information, please reach out to us at or call us at 908-359-2600.