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How Utility Bill Data Entry is Helping Sustainability Management

By May 17, 2022March 14th, 2024No Comments
Utility Bill Data Entry

When a business applies sustainable practices to its operations, facilities, and the community in general, it is called sustainability management.

Sustainable processes lower energy consumption, manage and recycle waste, encourage growth, and utilize resources keeping the future generations at priority. They also keep a business safe from legal and regulatory tangles.

Sustainability management incorporates the environmental and social costs of running a business into management decisions, keeping the long-term view in mind.

What is Utility Bill Data

Utility bill data is the invoices showcasing the numeric value of energy, electricity, telecom, and water that the business is using in its operations. The higher the utility bill data, the higher the emissions and the money spent on these resources.

Utility bill management can be a major challenge for a company due to various reasons. First, the vendors usually process the bills manually and send them to the company in paper form. It has become a serious challenge for companies to manage large volumes of paper invoices and bills in the new remote working norms after the pandemic.

Secondly, vendors send the utility bills only at the end of the month. Businesses do not get an alert of any unusual change in energy or resource consumption until the bill arrives. It may be too late to act by the time the bills are received.

Utility Bill Data Entry for Sustainability Management

Utility bill data is invaluable for sustainability management. Monitoring energy utility trends and implementing energy-efficient processes are an integral part of sustainability management.

Automated utility bill data entry eliminates the need for extracting and tracking utility data manually. Utility bill data entry also informs a business if it needs to implement energy-efficient processes to reduce energy consumption or for waste management.

If a business has implemented energy-efficient processes, utility bill data entry can monitor these processes and tell if the processes are functioning efficiently or not.

ARDEM’s Utility Bill Management Services for Sustainability Management

ARDEM transforms the current processes to offer accurate Utility Bill Data Management Services to the business. The data experts at ARDEM streamline utility bill data collection, utility bill auditing, and payment and data energy analysis to help the business make cost-efficient and sustainable decisions.

Vendors can send utility bills in different formats directly to the ARDEM cloud where the utility data will be sorted and processed in real-time.

ARDEM data capture extracts data from specific fields through machine learning and artificial intelligence to generate accurate and relevant data for the business.

The different areas in which ARDEM manages utility bill data for a company are:

  • Water usage data from all meters.
  • Getting visibility from the vendors on the energy usage data.
  • Extracting the natural gas consumption data and the total cost incurred by the business.
  • Getting the waste collection utility data from different providers.
  • Getting real-time data for consumption of telecom services like the internet, telecommunication, cable, etc.
  • Keeping a regular track of the sewage and drainage services.

Accurate utility bill data processing with a shorter turn-around time for report delivery can help a business meet due dates and avoid late fees. It also guides the business to identify the best internal practices that can improve sustainability management.

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