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Data Entry Services

Offline Data Entry Services

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Large volumes of data often become a problem for any growing business. While both tedious and time consuming, data entry is one of the most common processes businesses choose to outsource. To ensure data security, there is no internet connection throughout the entire process of offline data entry.

Data entry is only one part of your total work process, but quite often both time and resources limit the ability for businesses to complete this task in-house. Hiring a temporary team may be a short-term solution, but it fails to cut costs and efficiency, cutting into possible business growth with hidden costs.

In a previous blog post we talk about how we take data security seriously to ensure that your data is safe. ARDEM offers secure compilation of data from medical records, insurance, invoices, surveys, and more. HIPAA compliance and PHI/PII policies are in place to ensure that personalized information such as business receipts, customer information, or even patient info is secured.

Offline Data Entry

Data security is ensured with offline data entry. Internet access is restricted for our employees to prevent any accidents.

Documents can be received, scanned, and made readable through OCR technology to streamline the data entry process. A data entry clerk then works to collect and compile data; this data is double keyed and run through multiple verification checks to ensure the highest quality of accuracy.

Compiled data is then converted into any format such as an excel file or csv to ensure compatibility with your database. All data is then stored onto a physical storage device such as a CD or USB, which is then delivered to the client. ARDEM also offers to digitize all documents received and scanned along with the compiled data sets delivered.

Access to sensitive data is strictly a need-to-know basis, ensuring that it cannot be moved, edited, or seen by all. We also take special care to hold sensitive data only within a strict time limit while regularly disposing of the data afterwards.

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