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Data Entry Services

Online Data Entry Services

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online data entry

The internet has a wide variety of data sources that can be compiled and converted through data entry into a database for businesses to utilize. Online data entry uses a combination of data mining, data extraction, and web research to transform data for a variety of purposes. We provide online data entry services for survey processing, rebates processing, claims processing, invoice processing,  and more!

Often the data is used to update or create mailing lists, capture business details from catalogs and images, or even collect survey responses for research purposes. Documents can be received, scanned, and made readable through OCR technology to streamline the data entry process. A data entry clerk then works to collect and compile data; this data is double keyed and run through multiple verification checks to ensure the highest quality of accuracy.

With online data entry, data can be entered directly into a database system to reduce the cycle time of any project. we can create various output file formats including ASCII text, DAT, CSV, XLSX, TXT etc. which can be imported directly into your system.

Online Data Entry

Online Data Entry allows us to enter data directly into your database to reduce costs and deliver data with a quick turnaround!

In a previous blog post we talk about how we take data security seriously to ensure that your data is safe. Rooted in ISO27001, ARDEM ensures data security at multiple levels – employee, physical, and network. Utilizing VPNs, SSLs, PGP encryptions are standard along with data security training for all employees.

Not all data entry companies are created equal in terms of quality, which is why you shouldn’t settle for less.

At ARDEM, all data is compared with quality checks, validation routines, and verification checks to ensure the highest quality of data delivered. With a combination of automation and human interaction, ARDEM streamlines the online data entry process to ensure a quick turnaround ensuring high quality is consistently delivered.

Contact ARDEM today to find out more about our services!

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