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Sustainability Is the Key to Optimization and Efficiency

By September 29, 2017March 11th, 2024No Comments

Environmental protection, social development, and economic design are three important objectives that businesses around the world focus on when working to improve sustainability.

This discipline not only aids in reducing emissions that are being used, it also helps improve efficiency, cost of resources, and has been reported to bring higher investment returns.

Sustainability Helps More Than Just the Environment

Jimmy Jia of Harvard Business Review states that many companies overspend on energy because they waste 30% of the energy they consume. This makes utility management critical with larger companies that require a vast amount of resources or multiple buildings. By being able to track and monitor the use of resources, such as energy or water, companies can optimize efficiency, costs, and productivity.

The first step is to collect all of the data from utility bills. All of the data is then converted into a report with an analysis of usage and then used to locate any discrepancies.

Different utility companies use different formats and units of measurement which can become time consuming to convert all of the data to become standardized. In a previous blog post we talk about how utility management can be streamlined with ARDEM. ARDEM can collect all of the necessary data and convert it into a format preferred by your business in order to make data analysis a smoother process.

Increased Support Also Increases Demand

With the increase in environmental standards, many companies have increased their support towards sustainability reporting through GRI, CDP, and GRESB.

Efficient Sustainability Starts with Outsourcing Utility Management

In order to preserve resources, businesses are emphasizing the practice of sustainability. Outsourcing utility bill processing not only helps the environment, it also help you save money.

Jo Confino of The Guardian states that businesses that actively manage sustainability have an increased 18% return on investment and 67% higher for companies that do not disclose emissions. Being actively aware of how a company is using their resources not only helps them optimize their infrastructure, it also shows that a company makes environmental and social concerns a priority. Many businesses operate on the opinion of the public, and showing sustainability can help boost revenue as more people are willing to invest in a company that a majority of people acknowledge.

ARDEM’s Solution for Efficient Management

ARDEM can help make utility management hassle-free. Utility bills can be mailed or shipped straight to us where it will be scanned, extracted for data, and processed with a quick turnaround. ARDEM can also collect utility data directly from your current supplier, online.  Different formats or units are not a problem! We will standardize multiple utility bills into a single output or integrate the data directly into your energy management system which allows for easy comparison and aanalysis.

Contact ARDEM to find out more!

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