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How Does Technology Enhance Application Form Processing?

By September 20, 2018March 11th, 2024No Comments

The technological age demands businesses to constantly increase efficiency when it comes to accuracy, quality, and productivity. Paper forms and applications are still being used in many industries such as the financial, medical, and legal industry. Two of the most common challenges of application form processing is efficiency and accuracy.

The ability to scale up or down while meeting deadlines is one of the largest reasons why outsourcing application form processing is the best solution. A BPO partner helps improve productivity, visibility, and accountability to keep your operational processes running smoothly.

Disadvantages of Manual Form Processing

Manual data entry and application processing runs the high risk of typographical errors. These errors along with slow turnaround times negatively impact the ROI of any business. In a previous blog post, we explain how ‘good enough’ isn’t enough when it comes to data entry. As a result, outsourcing with a BPO has become a cost-effective solution to efficiently optimize application form processing.

One of the largest challenges of application processing is the amount of time required to complete the full processing cycle. Data needs to be accurate and if any required data is missing it adds an additional step to request and retrieve missing data which further delays the application process. Filling out an application correctly is especially critical for insurance application processing since incorrect information can create a conflict between a provider and insurer.

Application Form Processing

Application form processing is a tedious and redundant back office task. Outsourcing can help clean up backlogs and improve turnaround times!

ARDEM’s Technology Platform Solution

With ARDEM Automation we are transforming the way applications are processed in order to meet your goals and expectations.

Forms are scanned using a high-speed scanner and all images are cleaned and formatted to ensure the highest quality of accuracy. Using OCR technology, the images are transformed into a searchable document allowing our machine learning and AI technologies to deliver the most efficient automation system. With advance recognition technologies relevant data is seamlessly mapped into the corresponding fields to create large datasets with a short turnaround.

Contact ARDEM today to find out more about how we enhance application form processing!

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