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What Are the 5 Reasons for Outsourcing Utility Bill Processing?

By August 2, 2021March 13th, 2024No Comments
Utility Bill Processing

Utility Bills contain valuable business operating data. Energy Consumption data that may be required for facility management and achieving Sustainability and Environmental goals and Payment data that maybe needed for accounting and cost management. To make this data useful this data must be collected from the utility bills.  

Since data collection or data processing is not a core activity established businesses choose to outsource the data processing of Utility Bills to Outsourcing Service providers such as ARDEM

  • We get bills from many different utility companies 
  • We have a large volume of utility bills  
  • We need to be sure the Utility Data is Correct 
  • We need our Payments to be made on time 
  • We Need Someone to Manage the Whole Process 


We Receive Bills from Many Different Utility Companies

Multiple Utility Companies

Each utility bill looks different. The terminology used at one utility company is often different from another utility company. Payment data is presented differently and called by different names. Understanding consumption data requires a college degree. Bills also come due for payment at different times during the month and many may require going to different utility sites to access the bill and then make payments.  If it is only a few utility companies this is often manageable with in-house resources. If you have to process bills from many different utility companies a utility bill management company will yield more efficiency. 

We have a Large Volume of Utility Bills to Process Every Month

Large Volume

You have a large count of bills from many different utility companies. Month after month. You do not want to invest in training your team to become proficient in reading and understanding the different bill formats. You would like to use a lot of the data available to you on the bill for your business. How do our utility costs compare to last month for this location? How about location in Ohio vs location in Virginia? And what about Energy Consumption? Rates we are paying? Utility bill processing companies such as ARDEM utilize man-machine technologies to efficiently collect all this data for you from large volume of bills. Month after Month.

We need to get Correct Data

Correct Data

When utility bills come from many utility companies and are in different formats with different terminologies mistakes get made in transcribing the data. Similarly, when payments have to be made, or, energy consumption data has to be collected from many bills, mistakes get made. Established businesses do not want this and turn to Utility Bill Outsourcing service providers such as ARDEM to extract data with 100% accuracy.

We need our Payments to be made On-Time

On time bill payments

Utility Bills are received at different times during the month. They are due for payment at different times of the month. These payment dates should not be missed. When managing large number of service locations other tasks such as account opening, or, closing also need to be performed with time constraints. A utility bill management company such as ARDEM provides the management to assure all such tasks are completed on-time.

Need Someone to manage the Whole Process

We will manage your bills

Large count of Utility Bills. Bills from many different utility companies. Some bills coming in as paper via mail. Other bills coming as email attachments. Still others which requires us to go to each utility company site and access the utility bill. And by the way a few also come via EDI or as spreadsheets. The data on different bills is in different units and to make any sense needs to be normalized first. Also, the different utility companies use different terminologies- one calls it Demand Charges, another calls it use Charges to refer to the same.  

ARDEM provides automation and outsourcing services to Established Companies to Improve their operational efficiency and help them Reduce Costs.

For more on Utility Bill Outsourcing email us at or call us at 908-359-2600.