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Logistics Data Entry 

Logistics data entry refers to the task of extracting and entering crucial information from transportation documents such as a bill of lading (BOL), load confirmation statement, load order, etc.

As more and more companies find themselves overwhelmed by the incoming volumes of transportation paperwork, they start searching for logistics data entry solutions that can help them process this data faster and more efficiently to ensure that all the requisite details are uploaded into the system well in time for delivery while lowering their processing costs.

Logistics outsourcing is a vital part of this process as it streamlines your data processing allowing you to manage your paperwork efficiently.

ARDEM provides fully-managed logistics outsourcing services that encompass everything from issuing load statements to freight billing and auditing. Partner with ARDEM for a scalable solution to increase efficiency, accuracy, and visibility in your logistics data processing today.

Logistics Data Entry includes Data Entry for Freight Bills of Lading, Data Entry from Freight Invoices and Data Entry Processing Services for the Transportation Industry.

Accuracy and speed are the 2 primary requirements that can make or mar a logistics company. A smooth and efficient supply chain requires the accurate data entry of shipment details and faster processing of all relevant information for in-time delivery. 

ARDEM Incorporated has extensive industry experience in creating customized outsourcing solutions for the logistics industry, having worked with quite a few logistic companies. We provide accurate data entry services for logistical operations with faster turnaround times for invoices, receipts, load orders and even load confirmation statements. 

We further offer extensive document conversion and document processing services for bills of lading, freight bills, order forms, purchase orders, and shipping documents, etc. to streamline your logistics database. 

Come, explore our logistics data entry solutions!

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