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Mail Fulfillment

Mail fulfillment services are outsourcing solutions for direct mail fulfillment

Direct mail fulfillment refers to the process of taking the initial materials for a mail marketing strategy and transforming them, i.e., printing and assembling, into ready-to-mail deliverables.

As a mail fulfillment company, we provide customized small order Mail Fulfillment Services, sending out up to 2000 mailings every day. We provide fulfillment services for product catalogs, market research surveys, acknowledgment letters or even an announcement of your latest products or offers. 

You just need to send us the material that has to be mailed out along with the posting schedule and a fresh mailing list, whether it be on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, and we will do the rest. 

We print the letters if required, assemble the mail out package, affix the mailing labels and complete the mailing process for you. Activity reports on mail counts and postage expenses are shared with you on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

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