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Sample Processing

Sample processing refers to the entire process of preparing a sample for testing. This usually involves the testing of biological samples for medical testing like in case of an outbreak like COVID-19 or for clinical trials, etc. 

Sample processing is a vital part of healthcare services and the entire process involves an extremely long and detailed chain of paperwork. From the time the sample leaves the healthcare or research facility and reaches the laboratory for testing until the time the final results come in, every stage needs to be documented properly. 

The proper processing of the correct paperwork for the corresponding sample is an extremely crucial yet time-consuming process. Not to mention that even a slight mislabeling error can have disastrous consequences. 

ARDEM Incorporated’s processing services help you outsource this tedious task at a fraction of the cost and also deliver consistent high-quality data while eliminating errors and confusion. We also deliver the processed data in real-time; therefore, there is no need to sit in the laboratory, waiting for the processed documents to be delivered. 

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