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Utility Invoice Data Management

Utility invoice data management solutions manage your entire process from receipt of utility bills till final payment to increase accuracy, accelerate cycle times and reduce processing costs.

The utility invoice management company receives and collects all of a company’s invoices for utilities such as water, electricity, natural gas, waste, telecom, and sewage, etc.

Utility bill processing and management come with a considerable amount of challenges due to the variance between different service providers.

Utility outsourcing companies like ARDEM combine advanced data capture technology and data entry methodology to streamline your invoice processing via advanced robotic process automation.

Data captured from utility bills are normalized to provide the most accurate historical utility database. This increased visibility allows you to quickly compare and identify the best methods to internalize and improve sustainability and conservation goals with efficient utility invoice data management.

Additionally, the ARDEM Utility Manager provides a cloud-based BPaaS solution to streamline utility bill data collection and reduce your average processing cost by an immediate 30%.

You can learn more about our utility and energy management solutions by clicking here.

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