finance and accounting

A large healthcare advisory and analytics firm was looking to outsource the auditing functions for all of their employee expense reports. This firm found that maintaining visibility within the 400 expense reports, which averaged approximately 14,000 lines of expenses monthly, was difficult without a formal auditing process. In addition to expense report auditing, the firm was looking for consulting services to better refine the current guidelines of the travel and expense handbook to be more up-to-date.

ARDEM designed a fully managed service model to go through each expense at a full 100% audit. Using the expense handbook as a guide, expenses were broken down by category which had their own specific guidelines for reimbursement. The ARDEM team then goes through each expense item to ensure company compliance by matching each line item with a receipt submitted through Expensify.

While providing continuous oversight of the expense policies within the company, ARDEM is able to quickly learn and identify which areas of the travel and expense guidelines require improvement. One of the biggest benefits that the healthcare firm found by working with ARDEM is being able to maintain both control and visibility throughout the entire process.

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