medical manufacturing

A medical manufacturing company was looking to streamline their invoice processing to an outsourcing partner experienced in NetSuite. Each month, thousands of orders are being processed which has created a higher demand in the accounts payable department. Every order is supported by a set of documents used to create a record file for each customer which is then used for invoicing. As a result, this company was looking for an outsourcing company to improve efficiency and shorten cycle times.

The challenge that this medical manufacturing company faced was due to the two-step process: a customer record file must be created before an invoice can be built. Once an order has been made, each customer has a set of supporting documents to build the customer record file and invoice. With rapid growth, the current in-house team was not able to keep up with demand creating a backlog in the process.

This medical manufacturing company saw immediate value in how ARDEM was able to increase productivity and efficiency. Starting with a team of three, ARDEM was able to create an efficient workflow to mimic the current process and steadily improve over time. One of the benefits that ARDEM’s team was able to bring was having a dedicated team handling the billing process. Backup analysts would always be available on the bench in case someone was sick to ensure continuous productivity. Currently, the company plans on increasing the ARDEM team and allow the in-house team to focus on core competencies.

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