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In the fast-paced world of real estate services, effective vendor correspondence plays a crucial role in ensuring smooth operations and client satisfaction. However, sometimes the sheer volume of vendor communication can lead to a backlog, resulting in delayed responses, potential service disruptions, and dissatisfied clients. This case study explores the challenges faced by a prominent real estate services provider, in managing their vendor correspondence backlog and the comprehensive action plan that helped them streamline their communication processes.

1. Assessing the Vendor Communication Backlog

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When The Real Estate Holding Company approached us for assistance, we discovered they had a burden of over 400 vendor communication tickets. These tickets encompassed various categories, including payment inquiries, vendor setup-related issues, rent and utility concerns, and more. Some of these tickets required urgent attention as vendors were threatening to halt their services. Understanding the magnitude of this backlog was the first step toward finding an effective solution.

2. Developing a Comprehensive Action Plan

To tackle the vendor communication backlog, we developed a meticulous action plan. We started by indexing each ticket, sorting them based on their ageing, and flagging them according to their priority and type. This allowed us to gain clarity on the nature and urgency of each ticket, paving the way for a targeted approach. By categorizing the tickets, we ensured that specific types of tickets were assigned to individual analysts, making the process more efficient and focused.

3. Leveraging Expertise for Timely Resolutions

Assigning tickets to analysts based on their expertise was a key factor in expediting the resolution process. By matching the right analyst with the corresponding ticket, we ensured that each issue received the attention and expertise it required. This approach helped prevent bottlenecks and facilitated even workload distribution among the analysts, resulting in faster response times and more timely resolutions.

4. Effective Communication for Swift Resolutions

To enhance the efficiency of vendor correspondence, we fostered open lines of communication between analysts, team leads, and vendors. Regular status meetings were conducted to ensure alignment and provide progress updates. By promoting clear and effective communication channels, we reduced the chances of miscommunication, improved response times, and ensured a smoother resolution process.

5. Streamlining the Resolution Process with Collaboration Tools

To maximize efficiency and attention to each ticket, we leveraged the collaborative features of Freshdesk, the ticketing system used by The Real Estate Holding Company. These features allowed analysts to collaborate seamlessly, share relevant information, and track the progress of each ticket. By centralizing the communication process, we reduced the chances of information getting lost or overlooked, resulting in more streamlined and effective resolutions.


Through a systematic approach, appropriate tools, and effective communication, The Real Estate Holding Company was able to overcome its vendor communication backlog. Within 45 days of onboarding, we successfully brought the backlog down to zero. By assessing the backlog, developing a comprehensive action plan, leveraging expertise, fostering effective communication, and streamlining the resolution process with collaboration tools, we ensured smooth vendor interactions and improved business operations for The Real Estate Holding Company. This success story demonstrates the importance of proactive measures, efficient processes, and timely responses in managing vendor correspondence in the real estate services industry.

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