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Automate Your Business Processes with ARDEM Incorporated

By August 28, 2019March 11th, 2024No Comments

Outsourcing is a fantastic way for businesses to improve efficiencies and performance. Business process outsourcing, or BPO, is the practice of contracting a specific work process or processes to an external service provider. Here at ARDEM Incorporated, we build the best outsourcing solutions by melding skilled people, effective processes, and innovative technologies. We work with businesses of all sizes, from independent consultants to large companies.

Our unique combination of automation technologies and highly experienced data entry analysts has allowed us to become a leading provider of outsourced data entry solutions. Here are our four primary data entry solutions:

  1. Data Extraction is a great way to leverage the power of data! We retrieve data from multiple sources, including physical or electronic documents. Data is often unstructured, so it requires normalization for easy comparison and analysis purposes.


  1. Data Mining uncovers value in your data! Our team collects data from various sources, such as search engines, Excel sheets, mailing lists, social media, and then analyzes it for different patterns and trends so that it can be used for downstream processes.


  1. Data Analysis allows you to maximize your business capabilities! Once data has been collected and normalized, data can be structured and analyzed to create reports. The data is then processed to help assist in decision-making and forecasting to boost business insight through comparative analysis.


  1. Data Capture improves the speed and accuracy of data entry! OCR technology transforms data from physical documents into an electronic format, which can be entered directly into a system or database.
Automate Your Business Processes with ARDEM Incorporated

ARDEM utilizes a combination of both automation technologies and skilled talent to create a fully managed solution to cut costs, increase productivity, and reduce turnaround time.

Simply put, we build data entry solutions that improve operational efficiency and reduce costs. And we’ve fulfilled data entry needs of all shapes and sizes; for fifteen years, we’ve worked with biomedical, financial, insurance, healthcare, and retail businesses across the country. One of our clients — a government agency — reviewed our data entry work on Clutch, a great resource for finding reliable back-office services. By helping with duplicate data and organizing records, we helped this agency save $1,200 each month!

Be sure to peruse Clutch’s sister sites, The Manifest and Visual Objects. The Manifest has a curated list of the best business process outsourcing companies, while Visual Objects is helpful if you need consultation advice. If you’re interested in learning more about data entry or one of our many other outsourcing solutions, please reach out!