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Be on Top of The Black Friday Sales in 2022 With ARDEM

By November 23, 2022March 18th, 2024No Comments
Black Friday Cyber Monday Outsourcing

Throughout the year, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the two busiest shopping days. Black Friday has become synonymous with discounts everywhere, from stores to restaurants. In recent years, retailers have begun offering special deals even before November.

In the retail sector, customer experience is what matters. Thus, providing excellent customer support and service is paramount to an enterprise’s success.  

However, utilizing data from questionnaires, consumer trends, and other sources becomes a significant effort when a business’s client base expands. Here, an outsourcing company comes into the role.  

Outsourcing improves efficiency and productivity by allowing retailers to focus on other business areas. Moreover, it can help to reduce costs by enabling retailers to take advantage of economies of scale.  

From data enrichment to order fulfillment, ARDEM offers completely managed retail outsourcing services. Improve client happiness by increasing visibility and cutting costs.

How can ARDEM help you stay on top of The Black Friday sale?

ARDEM, an outsourcing company, can help you stay on top of the Black Friday sale with the following services:

1. Sales Order Processing

warehouse yellow

Sales order processing is essential in retail business because it helps to ensure that orders are processed correctly and efficiently. This can lower expenses and increase customer satisfaction. 

To ensure client satisfaction, your company will require more effective sales order processing services as it expands. Many of these activities can take a lot of time, and if not completed with caution, they can cause delays in shipments and dissatisfied customers.  

ARDEM precisely captures, examines, and allocates data to guarantee that orders are filled quickly and properly. Increasing efficiency and turnaround time even further while raising ROI.

2. Data Enrichment

Correct Data

Data enrichment allows businesses to thoroughly understand their customers, which can help them target their marketing and product offerings better during Black Friday.  

Additionally, data enrichment can help improve customer service and support and provide insights that can help improve business operations. 

Enhance your database with an outsourcing company so you can make more accurate decisions based on your information by integrating product descriptions and competitive analyses of rivals; data enrichment services from ARDEM help create more rewarding customer experiences.

3. Order Fulfillment

Several back-office procedures are needed to guarantee that the right product leaves the warehouse and reaches the right destination on time once an order has been placed during Black Friday. 

Since customers expect to receive their orders promptly and without any issues, if a retail business fails to meet these expectations, it can damage its reputation and lose customers. 

ARDEM helps increase development accuracy, cycle time, and scalability by providing data entry services, label generation, and billing for each purchase.

4. Loyalty Program Data Entry

Businesses may track client preferences and behavior with the use of loyalty programs. This data can improve the customer experience, personalize promotions, and drive sales during Black Friday.  

With our Survey Manager, keep track of buyers’ answers to your surveys. You can lower your costs and get more information to help your business grow by seeing all the responses.

5. Sweepstakes and Rebate Data Entry

Sweepstakes and rebates are used as marketing tools to promote products and draw attention to a business. They can also be used to encourage customer loyalty and repeat business. 

With our sweepstakes and rebate data entry, companies can leverage crucial consumer information to increase customer happiness and retention.

6. SKU Management

warehouse order fulfillment

SKU management is essential in the retail business because it helps to keep track of inventory and ensure that products are available to customers when they need them. 

With ARDEM’s document processing services, companies can efficiently arrange their inventory and create, maintain, and improve an SKU inventory system. They can add more items to their product list to make it easier to see how well each one is selling.


With ARDEM, improve accuracy and increase scalability. To boost your Black Friday sales, contact us today!

ARDEM provides Business Process Outsourcing and Business Process Automation Services to established companies to help them improve operational Efficiency and Reduce Costs.  For more information please reach out to us  at or call us at 908-359-2600.