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In-House Cloud Management vs Cloud Outsourcing

By February 27, 2019March 11th, 2024No Comments
In-House Cloud Management vs Cloud Outsourcing

Cloud computing offers on-demand network access for a variety of different tools and resources providing businesses with increased flexibility and improved management. Businesses quickly find that an in-house IT management team becomes costly. Outsourcing companies can provide customized cloud service solutions based on the unique needs of a business whether it is just a server to view and upload documents or a fully outsourced process. Outsourcing cloud management enables the ability to provide technology solutions at a lower cost while also providing back-end IT support to meet all in-house business challenges.

Challenges of In-House Cloud Management

According to the RightScale 2018 State of the Cloud Report, the top challenges businesses face in regards to cloud management are security, lack of resources and expertise, and managing how the cloud is being utilized. Maintaining an efficient and effective data security procedures can become increasingly sophisticated and costly. In order to keep up with current threats, it is important to update various software and infrastructure to constantly evolve with cybersecurity protocols. In addition to data security, compliance regulation and laws must be regulated to ensure data is being handled securely.

In-house cloud management teams often do not prepare for any future growth resulting in poor performance and lack of control. Being able to access data that has been stored in the cloud quickly is one of the key functions that businesses utilize to improve business processes and with issues such as outages it severely impacts your competitive edge. Many businesses lack the resources and expertise to maintain fully efficient cloud networks. In-house servers require a large investment in hardware and infrastructure along with a dedicated IT team which quickly becomes expensive. As a result, businesses tend to lean towards outsourcing cloud management because it allows them to utilize industry expertise, innovation, and business insight from a cost-effective monthly subscription.

Cloud Outsourcing Benefits with ARDEM

In-House Cloud Management vs Cloud Outsourcing

Cloud Outsourcing provides increased security, decreased overhead costs, and provides a customized solution with full IT back-end support!

ARDEM’s Cloud solutions offer a variety of different collaboration and management platforms to boost efficiency and cut down on internal costs. Our cloud-based management platforms are set up to allow batch uploading of documents where we will utilize data capture technology and robotic process automation to extract data from specific fields. Through automation, there is an increased amount of accuracy, productivity, and consistency while decreasing the cycle time. Additionally, our cloud-based platforms provide dashboards that can be customized to visualize different trends to maintain visibility.

As a processor of data, outsourcing companies regulate strict data policies to ensure that HIPAA, GDPR, AND PCI compliance requirements are met. Backups and data recovery plans are also designed to reduce risk and ensure data is protected.

Contact ARDEM today to find out more about our cloud solutions!

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