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Large Volumes of Data Breathes Life into Artificial Intelligence

By October 10, 2017March 11th, 2024No Comments
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Artificial intelligence has been on the rise over the past decade, working to eliminate the tedious tasks and simplifying others. While this innovative technology has been shown to save time and lower costs, it requires a lot of data fed into its system in order to prove beneficial.

Data Brings Innovation To Artificial Intelligence

Bernard Marr of Forbes states that in the past, AI’s growth was stunted due to limited data sets. Large data sets allow machine learning enabling artificial intelligence systems to analyze, and learn in order to produce the desired output.

When Apple launched SIRI in 2011, people were amazed at how your voice could operate different aspects of your phone. As technology advanced we can order delivery with Amazon Alexa or even send messages through our contact lists with Google. These technological advancements were possible because of quick and accurate collection of large data sets allowing AI systems to be fine-tuned for different purposes.

AI when utilized properly can become a beneficial tool for business. In a previous blog post we talk about how ‘good enough’ isn’t enough for data entry. When working with AI it relies heavily on data accuracy; in order to produce the best results it requires a team of professionals to ensure quality. ARDEM specializes in large volume data entry, and can process data in real-time to ensure accurate data is available quickly.

Artificial Intelligence Operates By Doing What It Understands

Andrew Ng of the Harvard Business Review explains that most of the progress in AI development is based on a single format where data is input in order to generate a simple response. For this A-B relationship to work it requires a lot of examples for the algorithms to generate a correct output.

Artificial Intelligences Lives and Breathes Data, Making Data Entry Crucial

Outsourcing large volume data entry helps the automation of Artificial Intelligence the way AI helps streamline different processes.

For example, when athletes are practicing or playing in events high precision cameras are set in place to record player tracking to activity recognition. This data is used as a learning tool in order to improve on different aspects of each player. Image recognition from pictures and video is built by putting thousands of images into a system, tagging different players and activities to teach the AI its task.

With large volumes of data it is common for issues with management, speed of data collection, and utilization to arise.  Data contains many variables which can be great for analysis, but can reside outside the scope of the AI system. Without proper data management an AI system cannot operate efficiently which slows down processing, increases costs, and decreases productivity.

How ARDEM Can Help Manage Your Data

ARDEM understands that accuracy and speed is crucial when working towards efficiency and productivity. We have an experienced team that can assist in tagging and indexing different forms of data for easier data management and retrieval. Large volumes of data can be entered quickly and accurately to your database in real time. ARDEM can process very large volumes of  data so that  your AI system can build the algorithms from these large accurate data sets.

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