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Discover the 3 Key Benefits of Outsourcing Freight Bill Auditing and Processing

By May 26, 2021March 13th, 2024No Comments
Discover the 3 Key Benefits of Outsourcing Freight Bill Auditing and Processing

Recent times have been challenging for shipping companies with rising transportation costs and higher freight bill charges cutting into their bottom lines. Simultaneously, the pandemic has also highlighted the important role of logistics operations in delivering essentials supplies like food, medicines, and even vaccines in times of need.

While all logistics operation seeks to build an efficient supply chain network, the task is easier said than done. Each shipping run involves a veritable mountain of paperwork that needs to be processed to ensure that each shipment reaches the right destination at the right time.
Processing freight bills can be quite a tedious and time-consuming task when handled in-house as they contain so many different data points including freight charges applicable for the successful delivery of a shipment.

The task becomes even more complicated for LTL or less-than-truckload shipments where different charges are applicable for different shipments and multiple freight bills need to be verified and processed for the various shipments in a single load.

Outsourcing freight bill processing can just streamline your entire billing and payment collection process, and also help eliminate bottlenecks such as duplicate bills, incorrect rates, and even locate any lost or missed invoices.

Here are the 3 Key Benefits of Outsourcing Your Freight Bill Processing and Auditing

1. Centralize Freight Billing for Greater Visibility

Outsourcing freight bill processing helps centralize your data collection.

A sound logistics operation accumulates a considerable amount of paperwork on any given day particularly large stacks of freight bills that deal with a variety of different cargo and shipments.

Having different departments deal with freight bills can lead to a lack of visibility and offer you a very fractured picture of the current state of revenue and operations.

Outsourcing the processing of these freight bills to an experienced logistics partner will help you centralize not just freight bill processing but also aggregate all your billing data at one location for greater visibility and insights.

Once our team has processed and delivered your freight bill data on time ensuring close to 100% accuracy, you can view the daily metrics on the ARDEM Collaboration Platform with a few simple clicks and stay updated with the latest state of your operations.

2. Improve Your Bottom Line for Higher Profits

Outsource freight bill processing for higher profits.

Outsourcing freight billing and payment can do wonders for your bottom line as you cut down on lost or missed payments while reducing operating costs and maximizing revenue.

Allocating tasks such as freight bill processing or even BOL processing to a remote team of logistics data specialists ensure that your data is processed in a timely and efficient manner while driving down the number of resources you need to hire internally for these tasks.

ARDEM’s logistics outsourcing and freight bill processing solutions offer you immediate cost-savings of between 30-40% and we further continue to improve your process afterward to ensure even greater savings.

You further get to enjoy greater accuracy while reducing the burden on your existing team and allowing them to focus on core business operations.

3. Save Revenue Via Freight Auditing

Freight bill processing and auditing can help you recover lost revenue.

Freight auditing refers to the process of cross-checking and verifying the details especially with regards to payment on a freight bill against shipment and delivery details, standard freight charges, and payment received for the same.

Auditing these invoices can help identify and correct any billing errors, claim revenue for any missed invoices, and recover up to thousands of dollars in lost or missed payments.

Freight bill auditing can further help you save costs and reduce wastage with regards to paying carriers, clearing balances, and avoiding costly billing errors.

Why Partner with ARDEM for Logistics Outsourcing

ARDEM provides fully managed logistics outsourcing services that include everything from processing load confirmation statements to freight billing and auditing.

You should partner with our logistics division as we provide scalable solutions to increase efficiency, accuracy, and visibility in everyday logistics operations.

We know that efficient logistics operations begin with accurate data entry and responsive solutions. From processing bills of lading to optimizing load statements and processing waybills and freight bills, we offer comprehensive solutions for every crucial process required for running a successful logistics enterprise.

If you would like to learn more about how we can implement a successful solution with you, get in touch with our sales experts to discuss your outsourcing requirements today!

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