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How Insurance Companies are Speeding Up Claim Processing through Outsourcing?

By November 4, 2022March 18th, 2024No Comments
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Claims handling and processing are colossal tasks handled by an insurance company. The insurance process goes through a series of events such as review, investigation, reconciliation and settlement of claims.

The complete chain has to go through various departments and is not necessarily executed by the same person. Insurance companies can speed up their back-office services and capitalize on smart solutions with the help of business process outsourcing(BPO). With the right mix of skilled employees and automation, businesses are scaling greater heights.

The demand for insurance has seen a prominent upswing since the pandemic. The need to improve insurance claims handling is essential. It is expected to grow at the rate of 6% per annum and will reach USD 6.4 trillion by 2025. The year 2022 has seen a sharp rise in the graph. The salient feature of this study is, how insurance companies will adapt to changes in technologies and human resources in the coming times.

How Outsourcing Accelerates The Process of Insurance Claims?

Speed and Efficiency

Insurance companies can focus on their core competencies if they choose insurance business process outsourcing. Outsourcing companies hire talents having an experience in the niche of data entry and data mining.

The process gets streamlined due to the reasons below:

  • The claim cycle time reduces as manifold processes are working together. 
  • With minimal human intervention, the scope for errors decreases which helps to save duplication of work. 
  • With the workforce working in different time zones, there is constant support provided to customers. 
  • With faster and better data management and data mining, companies do not face any lag while processing claims. 

Benefits of Outsourcing

Reduction in Costs

Processing insurance claims requires a huge workforce. The pandemic has resulted in sudden recruitment drives for insurance companies. These recruitments increase the costs for insurance companies and also require infrastructure. With the help of business processing outsourcing, insurance companies can bring down these in-house charges and thus make notable savings.

Customer Service

One of the factors which act as a key performance indicator is customer service. For customers, an insurance claim is not a phase where they have a lot of patience. The claims should be made stress-free. Insurance BPO can help you develop this key performance indicator and gain more satisfied customers.

Flexibility and Scalability

Employees working in-house can focus more on business growth and customer relationships if claim handling is outsourced. This helps the business to scale to different heights. Hiring talent from various zones ensures that there is almost round-the-clock support for the customers.


ARDEM uses robotic process automation services. The simultaneous working of artificial intelligence (AI) with software helps to eradicate the repetitive human effort for any task. The robotic automation is customisable according to your needs and requirements.

ARDEM can customize data management, and data processing services with the help of automation, resulting in a successful enterprise management system.

ARDEM provides Back-Office Support Services and Business Process Outsourcing Solutions for Insurance Companies. It helps visibly reduce the cycle time and improve customer satisfaction. For more information please reach out to us  at or call us at 908-359-2600.