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How Outsourcing has Moved from a Support to a Core Operation.

By January 18, 2023January 19th, 2023No Comments
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In today’s rapidly changing business environment, outsourcing has emerged as a key strategy for businesses looking to stay competitive. According to Deloitte, global spending on outsourced services is projected to reach an astounding  $731 billion by 2023.

Though outsourcing has been around for years, it has recently taken on a greater role in businesses. It has evolved from being used primarily for support functions to being used for core operations. More companies have realized the benefits of outsourcing for a company’s growth than just cost-cutting. They contract various jobs, from core operations to growing their workforce.

Overview of The Shift From Outsourcing Support to Core Operations.

The shift from outsourcing support to core operations is a gradual process driven by various factors. In the past, non-critical tasks like customer service, back-office work, accounting, and IT support were typically outsourced. These tasks were seen to be less crucial to a business’s performance overall and could be readily outsourced to specialized companies.  

However, as businesses have grown accustomed to the idea of outsourcing and come to understand its advantages, they have started to rely on it for more strategic and critical operations.  

These days, many businesses outsource their essential functions, including product development, manufacturing, logistics, R&D, and even marketing and sales. A new age for enterprises has begun, one where outsourcing is more important as a vital business strategy. This shift from support, like back office outsourcing, to core operations has ushered in a new era for businesses that is more dependent on outsourcing as a key business strategy. It has opened up new opportunities for companies and changed how businesses operate, making outsourcing a critical part of their operations and strategies.  

For instance, an enterprise can outsource most of its value chain, including product development, manufacturing, logistics, and IT support, to a sizable business process outsourcing (BPO) firm and retain just its management and marketing departments in-house. With these tasks being outsourced to a BPO with the knowledge and resources to perform them efficiently, the enterprise can concentrate on its key capabilities and promote expansion. 

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Reasons for The Shift

Cost reductions, availability of specific expertise, and leveraging technology have all contributed to this transition. Companies have realized that outsourcing these crucial tasks may enhance productivity, scale, and perform better. Additionally, it enables greater agility since companies may simply scale up or down their outsourced activities in response to changing market conditions.  

Outsourcing companies have become centers of excellence, providing a wide range of specialized services and a multi-dimensional skill set. BPO companies frequently employ teams of specialists with a high degree of training and competence in their specialized disciplines, enabling them to offer a high quality of service and knowledge.   

For instance, ARDEM, a leading provider of business process outsourcing services, specializes in customized outsourcing solutions and has been providing a wide range of services to businesses of all sizes. They have a highly skilled and experienced team of experts in their respective fields, allowing them to provide a high level of service and expertise. 

ARDEM has a long history of helping the public sector succeed through outsourcing. We provide specialized government outsourcing services designed to help government organizations improve performance, increase efficiency, and reduce costs.


Overall, the shift from support to core operations and the increasing popularity of outsourcing as a cost-saving measure and a way to access specialized expertise and resources has led to the rise of BPO companies as centers of excellence. They have become a valuable partner for many companies, allowing them to focus on their competencies and drive growth while outsourcing a few functions to specialized providers.

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