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How Outsourcing Offers Smart Solutions for Workflow Automation to Insurance Companies?

By October 19, 2022March 18th, 2024No Comments
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Workflow automation is swiftly streamlining document-based processes to achieve greater transparency, reduce costs and improve efficiency. The process involves using tools to automate business processes, eliminating the need to run redundant processes manually. 

Improving Insurance Workflow with Democratized Automation

Insurance companies are relying heavily on automating their workflows to yield greater efficiency across their tasks which helps strengthen customer satisfaction. Workflow automation offers the following benefits for insurance companies: 

  • Digitalize daily tasks.
  • Analyze customer trends for more profitable policy design.
  • Deploy automation tech quickly, even for non-technical staff.
  • Orchestrate departments with central hubs of data collection and communication.

The Role of BPO Service Companies

Effective document management helps lower operational costs and enhance efficiency across insurance companies. According to a recent study by Deloitte, AI-enabled automation can slash the time spent on documentation by up to 80%. Business Process Outsourcing companies offer smart and scalable solutions for insurance companies for efficient workflow automation.

Business Process Outsourcing company ARDEM offers insurance bpo solutions to lower costs and improve scalability. ARDEM uses advanced automation and Robotic Process Automation to cater to redundant tasks such as data entry services to provide greater accuracy, enhanced efficiency and timely solutions.

Let us understand how BPOs offer smart solutions for workflow automation to insurance companies:

1. Customer Onboarding

Outsourcing companies provide an automation platform to create a more visible and manageable customer experience. This is achieved by ensuring no delays, omissions or errors and fewer human check-ins.

2. Online Insurance Applications

Outsourcing companies use advanced tools such as electronic signatures and Optical Character Recognition (OCR), which give customers the flexibility to start and resume their paperless activities anytime and anywhere.

Additionally, paperless applications help track application status accurately and extract customer details directly into the back-end systems, facilitating a swift and efficient process. ARDEM uses the latest data capture service, advanced ICR and OCR data capture technology to design more efficient processes.

3. Speedy Approvals

Speed and Efficiency

BPOs help automate tasks such as medical benefits insurance workflow so that customer requests are directed to the right platform and can get swift approvals.

4. Resource Utilization

BPO service companies offer a centralized way for an efficient workflow. Automating communication between policyholders and staff helps companies manage their in-house teams for other critical tasks.

5. Claims Processing

online laptop paperwork

Manual paperwork can result in various inefficiencies, from incomplete forms and resubmission requests to inaccurate data entry. Outsourcing companies provide paper-free automation that gives policyholders transparent consistency throughout their claims processing. Additionally, an automated client portal that guides policyholders step-by-step helps develop a better customer experience and quicker claims processing.

6. Underwriting Process

underwiriting sign paperwork papers writing

Underwriting policies are amongst the redundant tasks performed by insurance companies. BPOs use automation to provide AI-assisted rules to offload such routine tasks into bots.

7. Customer Service

Outsourcers provide AI chatbots that integrate identifying customer needs and customer interaction as a single cost-efficient platform. This includes services such as providing relevant offers and serving repetitive FAQs for a better customer experience.


Business Process Outsourcing companies provide smart and scalable solutions to ensure efficient workflow automation aimed at reducing costs and increasing efficiency across insurance companies.

ARDEM provides Business Process Outsourcing and Business Process Automation Services to established companies to help them improve operational Efficiency and Reduce Costs.  For more information please reach out to us  at or call us at 908-359-2600.