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Maximizing Efficiency: The Top Manufacturing Tasks You Can Outsource.

By March 6, 2023March 26th, 2024No Comments
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The outsourcing industry for contract development and manufacturing organizations (CDMOs) has grown and changed significantly during the past few years. The substantial increase may be attributed to several factors, including company policies, mergers, acquisitions, and changing product portfolios and pipelines. As a result, by 2028, the CDMO outsourcing market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.8%, reaching a value of 293.99 billion.

Companies that wish to manage manufacturing in today’s fast-paced economic landscape are increasingly turning to manufacturing outsourcing as a viable option. Manufacturers get many advantages from outsourcing some tasks to renowned outsourcing companies, including cost savings, access to trained personnel, third-party design, advanced technology, and the flexibility to scale up production swiftly.

What are the manufacturing tasks that can be outsourced?

Maximizing efficiency is essential for success in today’s cutthroat manufacturing industry, and outsourcing is the solution. Manufacturers can focus on their core competencies and reduce costs by delegating specific tasks to an outsourcing company.   

However, not all manufacturing tasks are appropriate for manufacturing outsourcing; let’s examine those that may be.

1. Assembly and Packaging

Tasks like assembly and packaging, which might take quite a while and call for specialized knowledge and tools, can be handled by contract manufacturers. The assembly of complex products, packaging design, and quality assurance can all fall under this category.

2. Quality Control and Inspection

The manufacturing process must carefully consider quality control and inspection. These tasks can be outsourced to specialized vendors to ensure that products meet strict quality and safety standards. Testing, validation, and certification are all types of services that can be included in quality control and inspection. 

3. Bills of Material (BoM) Processing

BoM documentation is crucial for record-keeping since it aids manufacturers in managing their inventory and comprehending the manufacturing cycle. Manufacturers may ensure they have a thorough grasp of what is required to make each product by documenting BoMs. 

BoM sheet processing can be a labor and time-intensive operation. However, manufacturers may shorten cycle times and eliminate production lags by outsourcing. With ARDEM documenting BoMs, manufacturers may save time and lower the chance of errors by automating the BoM process. As a result, there may be fewer delays and faster manufacturing times.

4. Order Management

Accurate data input occurs in the background once an order is placed. However, data entry is a mundane and time-consuming task, which can impede manufacturers’ core tasks. So outsourcing data entry services is crucial for team scalability and cycle time improvement as order quantities rise.  

Outsourcing order management to a third-party provider, likeARDEM, can provide companies access to advanced inventory management systems, thus reducing time and increasing efficiency.

5. Logistics and Shipping

Logistics and shipping may be challenging and mandate specific skills and tools. By outsourcing logistics and shipping responsibilities, businesses may obtain cost-effective transit options, expedited customs clearance, and prompt delivery to customers.

6. Compliance Requirements

online laptop paperwork

Manufacturing businesses must classify Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) following various standards for possible hazards and preventive safety measures. By outsourcing these tasks to outsourcing companies like ARDEM, companies can streamline the process for effectiveness and do away with the need to employ and train staff. 


Outsourcing manufacturing tasks may offer considerable advantages to manufacturers, including improved productivity, lower costs, and access to specialist knowledge. Manufacturers may optimize their processes and concentrate on their core capabilities by carefully considering which jobs to outsource and selecting the best manufacturing outsourcing company.

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