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How Do Businesses use Robotic Process Automation Services to Boost Operations?

By October 16, 2018March 11th, 2024No Comments
How Do Businesses use Robotic Process Automation Services to Boost Operations?

With the correct blend of skilled technical people, Machine Learning, and AI technologies, leading businesses are rapidly transforming their back-office operations. Enter robotic process automation services where software is being used along with artificial intelligence (AI) tools and machine learning capabilities to handle high-volume repeatable tasks that previously may have been purely manual effort driven.

These tasks can include responding to queries, performing calculations as well performing search, verification, and validation transactions. Leading transaction processors are using robots to scrape information and using capture technologies to read and sort through information. Machine learning is allowing repetitious tasks to be automated. Rule-based logic adds intelligence to logically interpret data and for data validation.

Where Can Robotic Process Automation Services Be Applied?

Looking to Automate? Make sure you ask these 3 questions:

  • Are you still using valuable human resources to manually take data from one place and put it in another?
  • Are you still using your people to check applications and see if they have been filled out completely and correctly?
  • Are you still using your people to manually take data from vendor invoices and enter into your payable system?

Any instance where there is a need to take information from one place and put in another is ripe for use of robotic process automation. This can be an insurance application form where information from the health insurance application needs to be transferred to a form in a format that can be reviewed by the underwriters.

It can be information taken from vendor invoices, utility bills, the filling out of almost any legal form where the form has to be completed as per a required format.

How Do Businesses use Robotic Process Automation Services to Boost Operations?

Robotic Process Automation services implements bots can be used to manage time-consuming and redundant tasks allowing you to focus more on core activities to drive growth.

What Are the Drivers For Process Automation in Back-Office Processing?

Cost Improvement is always a strong incentive. However, the bigger paybacks are in achieving faster cycle times and gaining improvement in quality and enabling employees to become more productive. For example, letting a robot check and verify a health insurance application for completeness is more desirable than having a human check that all 40 pages of the application have been completed correctly before an application is sent on to underwriting.

Smart tools are created by smart people. This is where the skills of the technical team and the depth of their process knowledge comes in. Leading business process outsourcing companies are able to bring a highly skilled team of people with deep process knowledge and superior technology to deliver success in such endeavors. ARDEM applies Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions to the business problems to be solved. Using human-first thinking, the solutions utilize the technical skills of people along with leading-edge capabilities of machines.

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